I like clothes.

Why I enjoy Fashion

About two or tree years ago, I encountered a bit of a physical issue. I have a petite body type, which basically means that I have a very short torso, extremely long legs, and almost no visible waist line. So I was faced the two options, make my own clothes, or run with the disappointment of not looking as cute in clothes as the manikins, if, that is, I can even fit in them. So one day, at school, I thought, why can't I just make some clothes, but hunt for the rest. Since I didn't have nearly as much money to buy stuff, or time to make things.


I got myself into fashion. I've liked fashion for 3-4 years now. I like trying on clothes and making some that fit me. I have made some scarves, skirts, and dresses.
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book cover model, snack brand hand model, music videos, fashion shows, magazines...


In every single modeling job, you will be taking orders from the photographer on how to look, where to look, where to face, etc, or walking down a runway.
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Questions I Still Have.

1.) Is it okay to still bring back the fashion of other eras?

2.)How short is TOO short?

Steps to get there...

-Keep on researching fashion.

-Look for majors/minors to help.

-Make more clothes.