Pedro Alvarado Period 7-8

Career Details for a Statistician

Duties and responsibilities- Determine the problem, Decide what data is needed to answer the problem, Find ways to collecting data, Design surveys or experiments to collect data, Collect data or train others to gather data, Analyze and interpret data,Report conclusions from their data interpretation

Median Hourly and Yearly Wages in Illinois- Hourly- $35.22 Yearly- $73,300

Work Locations- Some statisticians work in offices, others travel to supervise surveys or to collect data. Working overtime may be necessary to complete a deadline.

Salary/Wage Potential- The bottom ten percent of statisticians make and annual salary less than $39,090 and the top ten percent making more than $119,100.

  • Federal government, excluding postal service- $94,970
  • Scientific research and development services- $83,140
  • Insurance carriers- $66,050
  • Colleges, universities, and professional schools;state, local, and private- $65,020
  • State government, excluding education and hospitals- $45,370

This table shows average median wages for different job placements.