Lowell Library Newsletter

November 2021

Book Checkout

One of our great joys in returning to our library for classes is checking out library books. Students are able to check out one (1) book at a time. A book checked out must be returned to the library before selecting a new book. Students select from our entire collection until our winter break in December.

If you are having a library book issue, please feel free to reach out to me via email in case your book found a way back to the library.

What We Learned: October

  • Kindergarten and First Grade: We learned about our online neighborhood and how to stay safe; began coding using our BeeBots, and how to take care of our library books.
  • Second Grade: Learned about the difference between private, personal, and public information, coding our BeeBots to retell stories and solve math problems, and how to properly take care of our library books.
  • Third and Fourth Grade: We joined our library Google Classroom, learned to compose an email, search the library catalog and put a book on hold, built and coded our Lego WeDo Rovers, AND logged in to Keyboarding Without Tears- Whew! So busy!
  • Fifth Grade: We joined our Google Classroom and learned to use email to communicate with our teacher about what we are learning. We explored computational thinking using the Lego WeDo kits to program and modify robots to complete a particular task. We also began our Digital Citizenship unit on the Internet learning about the structure of the Internet and sketching digital versions of our own personal Internet.

STEM Explorations

Please Return ANY Lowell Library Books You Find at Home!

  • My child has a library book from before quarantine. What should I do with it? Please bring it back! There is no penalty for pre-quarantine books and I would love to have them back in the library so other kids can enjoy them.
  • Will kids check out books after December? No, we will be storing our wonderful library until we return to Lowell in Fall 2023.
  • Are we having a Lowell Book Fair this year? Yes! FTO arranged a fair for the week of December 13-17 in the library. Watch for details!
  • My child lost/damaged their book. What should I do? First, please contact me to ensure the book is gone. Lost books sometimes magically reappear in the library. If the book is truly gone/ damaged a replacement copy is most appreciated so I can quickly and easily put the book back into circulation for other students to read. Lost/damaged books can also be paid for. Please let me know if this is a better option for you.