What is Scurvy?

By: Ben Alvarez, Izzy Olorunda, and Annie Drews

How was Scurvy discovered?

  • Scurvy was treated by James Lind in 1754
  • he fed 12 of his patients with scurvy diffrent types of foods
  • he discovered the intake of vitamin c used in citrus fruits cured the disease

What causes Scurvy?

  • a lack of vitamin C in the diet

How did Scurvy get its name?

  • The word scurvy comes from the latin word scorbutus

How is Scurvy treated?

  • Scurvy is treated by providing the ill patient with citrus fruits and vitiman C

Who suffers from Scurvy?

  • those who are economicallly poor are more likely to being diagnosed with Scurvy
  • those who are unable to get to fresh fruits or foods high in vitamin C

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