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Dale Carnegie Corner

Best Day Ever!

What if it was your lucky day...

You not only won $15,000,000 in the Lottery, but found
the winning ticket on the ground! After your heart started
beating again and you realized what happened, would you
do anything different in your life? Maybe you would buy the
car you always dreamed of, take an amazing trip or help
your family and friends.

Your life would definitely change…

On more than one occasion you have said or heard
someone say they hate change. As you can imagine
most people would not hate the change that goes along
with winning a large sum of money. Simply stated, not all
change is bad. In fact, most of it is great if we take the time
to see how it can POSITIVELY affect us. During our lives
things constantly change like graduations, relationships
and friendships. Some times the changes are planned and
other times they surprise us. The next time you are taken off
guard by change, remember that you have tools to deal with
it. For example you can use the following three steps Mr.
Carnegie provided.

1. Get all the facts.
2. Weigh all the facts – then come to a decision.
3. Once a decision is reached, act!

Change will happen. Your level of success depends on how
you choose to respond. Make you life intentional.

Heads Up Reminders


Just a reminder the equipment that is lent to you belongs to Relevant Academy. This equipment is issued for school purposes and anything else done on this equipment is not covered by any right to privacy or personal property. Also, if you bring your own equipment on campus, once you connect to the Academy WiFi, any and all activity is now public and your activity, which can be tracked, is no longer private. Furthermore, all cyber activity that interferes with any students safety or personal well-being, whether or not the activity takes place on campus, with Academy equipment, or otherwise, is still punishable and reportable to authorities. Please, if you have any questions feel free to contact Tom at tackerson@relevantacademy.org .

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Graduation Reminders

Seniors who are graduating on June 14th can now pickup their cap and gown from Jean in the main office.


Friday, Jun 14th, 3pm

Charlotte Senior Center 804 S. Cochran Ave Charlotte, MI 48813

2013 Relevant Academy Graduation. Seniors see Eric Emery for Tickets.

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