Lincoln's October Newsletter

Leading the Pack in Kingsport

Exciting Times As We Move Into October

We are excited that fall is here and looking forward to cooler weather. We were pleased with parent turn out for our parent teacher conferences last month. Our partnership with parents is our most important tool to support our students at school. Thank you to all the parents who took time to come in to meet with teachers in person or over the phone. We value your commitment to us and our school.

Last week we were excited to have two groups from DB come and support our students. On the 25th we had our annual Open House and Title 1 meeting. At that meeting we shared our information about Zones of Regulation. The Drama Hawks came to support our evening and dressed up as the characters from Disney's Inside Out. Our students were able to interact with the characters making it a fun event for students. Later in the week we were lucky to have members of the DB Varsity Football Team come to our building and read to students. Students were thrilled, and many were awe struck, by the boys who came to read. We just aren't used to having such tall people in our building. It was very exciting to have these young men read to our small kiddos.

We are getting ready to start our School Safety Patrol's this month. We will have more details about our patrols further down in the news letter, but we are thrilled to have worked with AAA to get training. Our students practiced opening and closing car doors, how to be safe around a vehicle, how to be observant and keep others safe, cross students (with adults present) at cross walks, and how to correctly address students who need reminders about being safe. We trained about 20 fifth graders. They will be inducted in on Monday, October 8th and will be out on the job after fall break.

We will end our month with our first Fall Festival on October 31st from 12:00-3:00. This is a family event and we are welcoming families into our building the afternoon of the 31st. This event is in conjunction with our PTO. Students will be tie-dying their Lincoln shirts at this event as well as participate in other fun fall activities. We will send out specifics as we get closer but MARK YOUR CALENDAR--OCTOBER 31st, 12:00-3:00.

Happy fall everyone! We hope you have a great month and an enjoyable fall break.

Lincoln Pride

Are you proud that your child attends Lincoln? Do you want to share your pride with others? Now you can! PTO has created lawn signs and car stickers that you can buy to share your Lincoln Pride with others. Lawn signs are $10 and car stickers at $2. All proceeds go to our PTO and directly support our students. We would love to spread our Lincoln Pride all over Kingsport.

If you are interested in purchasing a lawn sign or a car sticker we will be selling them at the Fall Festival on the 31st. If you won't be able to attend that event, but still want to display your Lincoln Pride, you can leave your name and contact information with what you'd like to purchase with the money to cover the cost of your order in the office in the PTO box. Jessica Slaughter, our PTO president, will be happy to fill your order.

Safety Patrols--What Parents Should Expect

As mentioned above we will be having our very own group safety patrol's to help with safety around Lincoln. These nominated 5th grade leaders will be inducted on the 8th and will on the job after fall break. Their presence will change the way we do arrival and dismissal a bit as they will be opening and closing car doors. Here are things that all parents and family that help pick up/drop off at Lincoln need to know.

Arrival: The traffic flow for arrival will remain the same. We will have a minimum of 4 safety patrols on duty in the morning. Please pull up to the next free space with a patrol before letting your child out of the car. Do not instruct your child to get out of your car until you are at a spot with a patrol. Once you come to a complete stop the patrol will open the car door that is on the passenger side to let your child out. Once your child is away from the car and on the side walk, the patrol will shut your car door. LOOK AT THE PATROL. The patrol will say to you, "HAVE A GREAT DAY." Once the patrol says that it is your cue that it is OK to drive away. Just as we have always done before you cannot pass cars that are ahead of you and letting out children. If you have a mini van please note that the safety patrol will NOT close your door. Since so many doors have mechanical closure, we don't want the safety patrols to cause any mechanical failure so they will not close the sliding mini van doors.

Dismissal: The traffic flow for dismissal will remain the same. We will not have safety patrols at kindergarten dismissal. Similar to arrival, we will have patrols at each designated numbers in the front and side of the building. Patrols will wait for your child to come to the number. When your car is at a complete stop they will open the door of the car. Once your child is fully in the car, their belongings are in the car, and away from the door, the patrol will shut your door. The driver needs to LOOK AT THE PATROL. The patrol will say to the driver, "HAVE A GREAT DAY". When the driver hears that, it means that they are safe to drive away. Just as we have always done before you cannot pass cars that are ahead of you and letting out children. If you have a mini van please note that the safety patrol will NOT close your door. Since so many doors have mechanical closure, we don't want the safety patrols to cause any mechanical failure so they will not close the sliding mini van doors.

Cross Walk: Patrols will be working with adults at the cross walk at Summer St. and Waverly. Adults will stop traffic. The patrols will cross students. This will take place in the afternoon only.

We are looking forward to this new leadership opportunity for our students. It will be a bit of an adjustment as students get used to patrols at dismissal and patrols get better at their jobs. Thank you in advance for following the procedures above to ensure a safe experience for everyone with our new safety patrols.

Changes for the Thanksgiving Meal at all KCS Schools

Due to cost and also for safety reasons, the district has decided to end the practice of inviting families to join students for the Thanksgiving Meal during the school day. Students will still enjoy a Thanksgiving meal and we plan to make that lunch special for our students. Thank you for your understanding in this change and we look forward to having you at other family engagement events.

Grade Level Updates


PreK is hoppin’! In October we will be exploring our environment!

Parts of the environment – animals, people, plants, soil, living. non-living, habitats

Vocabulary – for example: shape names & attributes, number words, nature, nature walk, trash, recycle, protect, and the like.


Predicting story outcomes

Development of story elements like character and setting

Letter recognition and sounds

Recognizing our own names


Shape names and attributes

Counting to 10

Number recognition

Shape matching


All things environment


Animals and their sounds/habits

City v. country



How to be a friend

Setting/respecting boundaries

Caring for others and our environment


Kindergarten is working on:


· Continue learning the letters and their sounds

· Reading – identifying characters, setting and significant events in a text

· Sight words – I, a, me, mom, dad, like, the & see


· Counting to 50 by 1’s

· Writing numbers to 15

· Measurement – length and comparing length (longer than & shorter than)

· Counting by 10’s to 100


· Our Five Senses

· Life Cycle of a pumpkin

Social Studies

· Community Helpers (fire safety)

First Grade

First Grade is strolling along with students settling in to routines and procedures. We continue to build relationships at school through morning circles. The teachers appreciate the attendance at fall conferences and the conversations about our students. First grade is a fabulous place to be as we rush into fall.

In literacy, we have started a study of plants. Students will learn about a plant’s changes, growth, and survival during the different phases of its life cycle. This will be one of the two plant studies this year. After fall break, we will begin a study called Out of this World. We will focus on natural objects found in the sky. For phonics skills, we are focusing on final consonant clusters ( ng, nt, nd, nk,ft,lp,lt, mp and initial three letter blends (spr, str,spl,scr). Our language study will be on noun/verb agreement, root words, and inflectional endings. We continue to work on developing sentences using capital letter at the beginning with spacing and an end mark. For writing, students have completed the first writing assessment (a narrative). We will continue to write narrative stories with beginning/middle/end; to use dialogue; and to write 3-5 sentences. First grade will begin working on informational writing. They will be introduced to a graphic organizer to assist with fact collection. Our first informational piece will be about pumpkins.

In math, we will begin a unit on ‘How Many of Each? How Many in All?’. We will continue to find totals of two and three quantities, develop counting on/back strategies, and time to the hour. We will begin to learn about unknown addends. For example, I have 5 things on my plate. Some are peas and some are carrots. How many peas and how many carrots could I have? Students will discover there are many ways to make 5.

Second Grade

We will be reading informational text about how animals survive in their environment as well as life cycles. Students will be learning about the different text features of non-fiction texts, such as heading, labels, and captions. We are also studying animal adaptations and intelligence. Students will be finding evidence from texts to support their thinking.

Our writing focus will be an informational piece about an animal and an opinion piece about if that animal would make a good pet.

We will be completing our geometry unit this month. The focus has been on 2-D and 3-D geometry and foundational ideas about fractions. Students have been identifying two- and three- dimensional shapes, learning about rectangular arrays, and partitioning shapes into equal parts. Ask your child to look for different 2-D and 3-D shapes at home and to practice cutting food into equal shares.

After fall break, we will focus on the place value of 2- and 3- digit numbers. Students will be solving a variety of addition and subtraction problems involving money and other real world objects.

Third Grade

Third graders have been so busy as we wind down the first quarter! We are learning about personal narratives and how authors use descriptive language to entertain their readers. Our word study units support what we are studying in our reading units; remember to help your child study these lists each week. In math we continue to focus on fluency with math facts-being able to quickly solve basic multiplication facts supports many other areas of math.

Be on the lookout for information coming home about events coming up during the fall and our first field trip in November. Thank you for your continued support at home-working together we will make this a fun and successful year for your child!

Fourth Grade

In math, students will be extending their knowledge of multiplication and division to larger numbers and new strategies. An important part of this work will include using area models and equations to illustrate and explain thinking. The inverse operations will be useful in solving challenging problems.

Our science exploration will continue within the physical science core. Students will be studying waves- energy in motion! Models will be used to explain patterns of wavelength and amplitude. We will be describing the colors of light sources as well as the way light waves can be bent.

During literacy, the students will be working to determine the main idea and supporting details in a text. We will focus on the components of the narrative essay. Social studies learning will continue to focus on early colonization in North America and the challenges/successes that the colonists encountered.

Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students will begin their study of immigration in a combined literacy and social studies unit. This unit will explore immigration into the United States through Ellis Island and Angel Island and the implications for our culture and growth as a nation. In math students continue to work on volume of regular and irregular shapes. Continuing to practice math facts in multiplication and division can only help students as we increase our mastery of fifth grade skills.

Attendance Reminders

Each child has three excused days per semester. It is important for all parents/guardians to understand how these days work in order to lessen confusion or frustration with recording absences.

  • Parents can write an excuse note for the first three absences of school--that will use the three days. After the days are used it doesn't matter how many notes the parent/guardian writes the absences are unexcused.
  • Parents don't write an excuse note for the first three absences of school--that will use the three days. We will automatically code the first three absences from school each semester as excused. After the three days are used the absences will be coded as unexcused. Even if the parent/guardian sends in a note, if the three excused days have been used, the note will not change the absences to excused.
  • If your child is sick, misses a day of school, and you visit the doctor--GET A NOTE FROM THE DOCTOR!! This is important because that absence is coded as Medical, not unexcused/excused. If you have not used your three days when your child misses for an illness that you have a doctor's note for, then you can avoid using one of those days for that illness. If you don't go to the doctor and have a note, then one of the days would be used.
  • The office has sent home notices on bright paper to all families that have already used their three excused absences days. If you have received this, or receive one in the future, know that any further absences that semester, unless you have a doctor's note, will be marked unexcused.
  • The three days from one semester can't be applied to another semester. For example, if your child only used one of their three days in the fall semester, you cannot use the remaining two days to give you five excused days in the spring. Three per semester.

We hope that this will clarify any confusion that anyone had regarding those three excused days. It is important for us to work with you and keep you informed about our attendance policies. Having your child in school, every day, is important to us. We know that kids get sick so keeping you aware of how absences are coded is something that we are happy to explain and answer questions about.

Good Behavior Field Trip

Thursday, October 11th and Friday October 12th we will celebrate our students positive behavior with trips to Borden Park. We will have three different trips to keep like grades together and to keep the crowds down on the play equipment. Permission slips should have gone home this week to students who have earned the trip for the first quarter by demonstrating our four expectations daily, not receiving multiple office referrals, and for some grades earning a specific amount of Dojo points. We plan on having these trips quarterly to support all of our lions who are doing the right things.

Lincoln Lions Are

Respectful, Responsible, Trustworthy, and Safe

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