Thalaivaa movie review

Actor Vijay Here is the complete command.. In one word, he is brilliant. Amala Paul's Role Amala Paul plays the love interest role of Vijay and she shares thalaivaa songs a good on-screen chemistry with him. The movie has a twist when her actual character is revealed. Sathyaraj is wonderful and completely natural. Amala Paul left his mark gets a meaty role. Film is funny. G.V. Prakash Kumar's music is both good numbers TamizhPasanga and the title track. Campatippate are well paid. Nirav Shah is pleasing to the eye lense work. Ragini Nandwani's okay.

So here... After all the hype, the most awaited flick of the year as needed and unnecessary sensational demonstration here on the silver screen.. Mani Ratnam, the film stars and less hype and the life of the school.. Director Vijay and sensationally popular actor Vijay was the hero of Mani Ratnam Mumbai Varadarajan Mudaliar, a little at a time, that takes a stylized leaf, which dramatized the epic mob boss taking.. But remember thalaivaa songs that it's inspired by a leaf and that's it..

The opening credits as director Vijay thanks his mentor Mani Ratnam and stars thalaivaa songs.. Director portal offering masters.. At the beginning of the film quality of a high-octane group director Vijay is clear from the work and he does a neat job. 80 Bollywood movies in the background during the opening scenes describing the poster looks like.. Actor Vijay introduces his audience very well as a dancer and a gang of his change shabby, sudden t.. Vijay develops slowly change the law thalaivaa songs while engaging the audience. Finally there is a special cat-and-mouse games and toys angry flick of the hospital and has a message.

In the meantime, his only son Vijay (Vishwa) is growing up in Sydney, away from his father's Godfather-style life. He dances and romances like a carefree boy. Till his lady thalaivaa songs love, Amala Paul (Meera) and her father ask him to accompany them to Mumbai to discuss his marriage. What should ideally have been a happy trip turns into a gruelling one because of a twist in the plot. The suspense is well-guarded.

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