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Six others are believed to have left the US and five others believed to have entered the US illegally are spouses or children of a visa holder, Mr Reeker said.

Other officials, quoted by the AFP news agency, said that the investigation dubbed "Operation Eagle Strike" had identified 39 Jordanians, led table lamps 28 Pakistanis, three Bangladeshis and one Syrian

who had received visas from the embassy in Doha between July 2000 and May 2001.

The officials said those who had been detained since 24 June were 25 Jordanians,

five Pakistanis and one Syrian.

Three are believed to have links with the 19 hijackers who took part in the 11

September attacks, the officials said.

However,led table lamps Magistrate Susan Gauvey ordered that Al Shannaq be released on conditional bail, saying that there was no evidence he had anything to do with the 11 September attacks.

Her ruling was upheld on appeal.

A US official told AFP that the purpose of Operation Eagle Strike was to determine how the visas had been obtained and if terrorists had used them to plot attacks against the United States.