Soil Conservation

The Philippines

Soil Conservation through Land Reform

Since the beginnings of Philippine history, land reform has been a prominent political agency. The outstanding goal of such reform is to increase the number of small farmers, production, and conserve resources. For example, in 1951 the Bureau of Soils and Water Management was formed to broad research and conserve resources. In

Soil Erosion

Even with careful conservation and usage of the land, soil erosion still exists in the Philippines. The soil erosion problem in the Philippines is quite pronounced with more than half of the country's land area having a slope exceeding eight percent The problem is aggravated by heavy rainfall, excessive and improper logging, shifting cultivation and road construction

Soil Map

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The Philippines contain an estimated 9.671 million hectares of arable land. Agriculture employees over 30 million people and accounts for around 10% of the country's GDP. The overwhelming majority of farmers are substantial farming who live in rural areas. With 88 million people living in rural areas, the majority of crops produced as rice, wheat, and vegetables. Most farmers live in the lowlands near the coast.