On the Origin of Communication

from smoke signals to skype

In the beginning

Spoken word was the first method of advanced human communication, but could only be used in close interactions. As a result, some early human tribes used drums and smoke signals to communicate with one another over long distances.
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Memory of the ancestors

Since there was no written language until 2700 B.C., storytelling was one only ways to preserve a people's history, myths and culture. Through storytelling, some facets of those ancient lives are revealed to modern civilization.

Gutenburg's Glory

In 1450, Johann Gutenburg invented a magical new machine called the printing press. This device allowed for the quick (comparatively) production of books, and revolutionized printing.

Bell of the Ball

The invention of the telephone in 1876, by Alexander Graham Bell led to a clear and instantaneous form of communication now used by billions, all across the world.

The Future Has Arrived

Thirty years after the invention of the internet, a new internet calling service called Skype emerged and eventually included video calling and long distance calls.
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