Good business presentation

How to make a

Give the unexpected

Part of a good business presentation is to constantly have your audience attention. A way to accomplish this is by having interesting facts that will have the interest of the audience.

Not too much info.

One mistake that many commit is too overload the audience with information. This will make your audience get bored easily, keep it simple and interesting.


One thing that you should always take in consideration is to practice before you present, even if you don't think it helps you, it helps you being more fluent at the time of presenting and also gives you confidence.

Forget the humor

A very big mistake that many people do is to try to be funny in a serious time. This will make you lose credibility in your presentation and the others will know that you don't know how to make a presentation.

Make your audience the protagonist

The audience doesn't care as much about you, instead what really they want to know is if you are capable of solving their problems. Explain how you would solve your audience problems.

Know your audience

The worst thing that can happen is to leave your audience wondering whats the presentation about, it is very important to know your audience that way you speak to your audience with things that you know they understand.

Give your presentation your own touch

To make a good presentation and be successful you have to make your presentation stand out of the others. Make your presentation unique, even if you made only small changes the audience will notice it and it will give them a impression of you of creativity and innovator.

Care about your image

One thing that is decisive when presenting is how you look, this is very important because is the first thing the audience sees. If you present with shorts or flip flops you will probably look bad the audience will lose credibility on you.

Create an experience

The most important thing of a presentation is to make sure that you made a connection with your audience. By having visuals that draw your audience in the presentation and by making it look professional but not boring.