Lab Write Up

Morgan Barnes


In this experiment you learned what would happen when putting different solutions into water. Before and after you were to weigh the tubing to determine what the weight change was. You determined whether the solution went outside of the dialysis tubing or if the water from outside the tubing came inside the tubing.

The purpose of this investigation was to see what happened when different solutions, that were put in dialysis tubing, sat in water for 24 hours. Some of the variables included in this experiment were distilled water, 3 different types of solutions(diet soda, regular soda, and clear soda), string, and dialysis tubing.


If the water entered the dialysis tubing then that meant the tubing would weigh more and if the solution exited the tubing then that meant the tubing would weigh less.


If the water in the dialysis tubing went out then the mass would weigh less and if the solution went inside the tubing then the mass would weigh more. In all three of the cups the water went outside the tubing and into the cup causing the dialysis tubing to weigh less.