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So, there were many occasions this week when we were just blown away by the awesomeness of people in this building. We decided to specifically pick out some of you to say thanks. This is in NO way inclusive of all the awesomeness. But...

Shelley Tantlinger. Wow. Calm, organized, explanatory, excellent communicator. You are one of our unsung heroes.

Lori Bantz. The fifth grade choir sounds fabulous. Thanks for the extra time and work you put into this.

Leslie Widman. Love how much you care about your kids.

Laura Kent. Thanks for helping your student NAIL the Pledge.

Amber Brown. Jumping into the "wonder" conversations with a starting point about albino giraffes? Brilliant.

Lorie Blaeser. Patience of Job. Just sayin'.

Barb Tully. I love how Eli could communicate his frustration about the lack of pepperoni on the pizza! Fantastic!

Lee Hamill. Thanks for your willingness to get us food or drinks whenever we need a pickup. And congrats on ANOTHER grand baby!

Stacie Martin. CONSTANTLY pushing yourself and working your tail off. Thanks.

Rebecca Ratnasingham. Almost done with RESA. Go, girl!

Donna Mizok. You KILLED it with data and knowledge about your student during the worried-parent meeting. Awesome.

Chelsea Bolenbaugh. Presenting to science teachers around the state at SECO this week! So cool!

Jen VanDyke. Thank you for articulating your concerns so well to a not-so-worried parent. ;)

Dave Miller. Trying new things--new chairs, new wonder workshop. Fun to watch!

Pat Cook. Lots of bodily fluids and creepy-crawlies, and you manage it all with a smile. Awesome.

Andrew Phillips. Yikes! You needed track shoes this week! #fullmoon

Jenny Kluz. Schlepping a gigantic laundry basket of books to a teachers room, saying, "HOLY COW! THESE KIDS LIKE TO READ!!!" Thanks for your hard work.

Again, this only scratches the surface of what we're grateful for. Just wanted to send a few specific shout-outs!

Compliment of the Day

Sue Parker came to us and said that she and her team have noticed a marked difference this year in student manners. She said students are quick to say "Please," "Thank you," and even, "Have a nice day!" I thought it was worthy of passing on... I don't know if you have had direct instructional moments with your kids about manners or not, but it seems you've done something to that effect. Please know it is noticed and appreciated!

Links from your math lead...

Thank you to Chelsea for passing on these resources. I'm attaching them here in case the email has sunk down your inbox list and you haven't had a chance to look at them. They are awesome!

Want to bookmark this, maybe:

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TONIGHT--Movie Night

Tuesday-Friday, February 2, 3, 4, and 5: Jump Rope for Heart

Thursday, February 11: Parent-Teacher Conferences

Friday, February 12: Fair of Hearts

Monday, February 15: No school, President’s Day

Tuesday, February 16: Fair of Hearts Raffle

Thursday, February 25: End of second trimester reporting period

Friday, February 26: No school for students; teacher work day

Friday, March 4: Bingo/Family Game Night

April 25-29: Book Fair

Wednesday, April 27: Kindergarten Information Night

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Friday, May 6: PTO meeting, 10:00 a.m.

Thursday, May 19: 4th grade spring choir concert

Friday, May 20: Field Day

Monday, May 30: No school, Memorial Day

Friday, June 3: 5th grade field trip to DCRS

Monday, June 6: 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony, 2:00 p.m.

Monday, June 6: Clap-Out for fifth graders, 3:25 p.m.

Monday, June 6: Last day for students