What is true about 9/11?

By: Bryson Moore

9/11 Conspiracy

Background Information

On September 11, 2001 Al- Qaeda supposedly was behind these devastating attacks on american soil. Thousands of people died- many families left in the wreckage and alot of people injured as well. There were 4 Planes in this event 2 crashed into the twin towers in New York. Flight 93 was crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The last plane however was crashed into the Pentagon.

News Biases

Of course the news was there the instant that anything happened. They were reporting information from the government about the event. Without any other prior knowledge the media painted a picture for Americans that Al- Qaeda was behind these horrific attacks on american soil. Also, our government never interviewed anyone from that country to get their side of the story.


This is definitely Historical criticism, for the fact that it will effect Americans from here on out. That is wrote in history books as well man people around the world know about it and aren't even from here.

Marxist criticism for the fact that we are one of the most powerful countries in the world and people are able to do that to us. Many people want to know the facts behind it no matter what social class you are in.

Ways media portrayed the event

NBC news reported that freedom is being challenged. NBC news states that it was a "terrorist act of war," in which it was. In which they pay respects to those fallen and to that statistics.

Also, another way that the media portrayed this is showing how mad Americans are and want revenge. All the news was doing was feeding new to fuel the fire of Americans to be behind the war.

My opinion

I feel as if the government was behind this event. I don't believe a plane hitting the upper portion of a building will allow a skyscraper to fall straight down. There is just so much evidence behind how sketchy this whole event seemed. I feel as if the government did this to start a war and get the people behind it.