The Savvy situation

Everything about Savanna!

My Personality

I have a blue personality. Since I have a blue personality, my core need is relationships.

My Brain

I am right brained 33 out of 45 points. This means that I am very creative. My left brain only had 12 out of 45 points.

Career Choices

1. Elementary school teacher

2. Interior designer

3. Curator

4. Chemisist

5. Art director

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1. Health Informatics

2. Preforming Arts

3. Agribusiness Systems

4. Emergency and Fire Management Services

5. Profeesional Support Services


1. Accomplishment

2. Workplace

3. Innovation

4. Prestige

5. Income


1. Preforming Arts

2. Visual Arts

3. Early Childhood Development and Services

4. Personal Care Services

5. Marketing Communications