Keowee's Friday Flash Forward

News from Your Assistant Principal, Rhonda Grant

Friday Ponderings...

It's been a BUSY week! Josh and I have been able to begin our classroom observations and conference with 3-5 graders on MAP goals. I have enjoyed my classroom visits and am SO proud of the things I see going on, and the one-on-one time with the south building kids has been a joy! Josh and I both agree Keowee has the BEST students and staff, and we are grateful to call KES home. Have a great 3-day weekend--relax, do something fun, and make time for YOU!

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In anticipation of the kick-off to college football, the Head Coach and I have planned a mii-tailgate today in the Media Center prior to our afternoon professional development session! We will have chips & salsa, deli spirals, party mix, assorted cookies, and lemonade. So come join your KES teammates for fun, food and learning!
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Some of the handwriting materials have arrived and others should be here in the next few days . As soon as I can sort through them, I will disperse them to grade levels.
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MAP Testing Begins...

MAP testing kicks-off next week in the area of math for grades 2-5. Please refer to the NEW schedule sent via email on Wednesday for your assigned time and location. Also, make sure students bring a sharpened pencil with them for testing--we will provide the scratch paper. As I shared in Wednesday's email, we will NOT be administering the Language subtest this year, but will be adding science in grades 3-5.

I was also able to attend a 2-day NWEA training at the district Wednesday and Thursday of this week, and look forward to sharing some of what I learned with you soon.

September Core Essentials

INITIATIVE--Seeing what needs to be done and doing it.

Initiative believes in the possibilities of opportunity; it sees opportunity where others see barriers. Initiative taps inner creativity to tackle persistent problems without giving up. Initiative goes the extra mile. Initiative has nothing to do with skills. It's a positive spirit, an awareness, a proactive mindset. Kids with initiative take action without being asked to and readily capitalize on opportunities that others pass by. Initiative is crucial for succeeding in school. Students who start projects when they're assigned and work diligently are bound to do better than those who procrastinate and wait until the last minute to start working. Initiative is a trait that will serve our kids well all their lives. Initiative is a great trait and we can help our students take initiative by modeling it ourselves in small ways.

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WOW! Word of the Week

The WOW for the week of September 8-11 is HUMOROUS. Two students from Mrs. Russell’s 5th grade class will be sharing their original sentences on the news Friday morning!
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Today, Septemberr 4 is Mind Your Manners at Work Day & Hug Your Boss Day!

John Collins FCAs for September

K Left to right progression (organization)

1 Write a complete simple sentence (mechanics)

2 Topic sentence (organization)

3 Complete paragraph with a topic sentence, three details with elaboration, and a closing sentence (organization)

4 Introductory paragraph elements including "hook" (organization)

5 Body paragraph structure (organization)

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September 7 Labor Day Holiday

September 8 MAP Testing Begins (schedule emailed separately)

September 10 SST @ 12:00

September 17 Constitution Day