Georges Washington's life

By: Aaron Abye and Alex Mora

About George Washington

In First Person

I was the first national president and a commander in the Continental army during the American revolutionary war (I won the battle of Yorktown winning the War). I am also a founding father of our country.Born February ,22 1732 at Westmoreland county, VA (Lived there).Died December, 14 1799 at Mount Vernon. Son of Mary Ball and Laurence Washington.Married Martha Washington
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Video about George Washington's life


Today I just accidentally hit the french general in the face.I just Knocked on the door. Then BAM! Right in the honker. I wanted to compromise about the Ohio river Valley not start a war :4/14/1754

Wow I cant believe We just just won the Revolutionary war. general Cornwallis is such a woosie. He cant surrender like a man but he sends some one else to surrender for him. Hope we don't have another war. Being the captain of one war is enough : 10/19/1781

Wow I still cant believe I've been elected president. It was a big honor for me. We are building the capitol city above Virginia But we don't have a name for it. We wouldn't be able to build it without my hired Benjamin Banneker a black astronomer and surveyor. We owe it All to him: 8/26/1791

George Washington Proud about Government or not

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Fun Facts

George Washington teeth are made of wood Hippo teeth and Hippo nails.


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