Roanoke island

Landen Elliott

the Roanoke Island

The first group of roanoke Island struggled with food and moved to England in 1585. The second group dispersed from Roanoke Island in 1587 . What happened to.The lost colony it became known, is still a mystery.early 1600s, merchants set the Virgina tried to establish another raise money merchants sold stock,or shares of ownership in the company. who bought stock would share in the colony profits.

roanoke island facts

roanoke Island is an Island in Dare County on the outer banks of north carolina united states it was named after the historical roanoke carolina Algonquian people who inhabited the area in the 16th century at the time of English exploration.

European amricans

Located along u.s. Highway 64 a major highway from mainland north carolina to the outer banks Roanoke Island combines recreational and water features with historical sites and a outdoor theater to form one of the major tourist attractions of dare county. Roanoke Island has been known In European American History for Its significance as the site of walter Raleighs.

the site of ancient

It was thousands of years the site of Ancient indignenous settlements Archeological Excavations In the 1980s At the Tillett Site at wanchese Have Revealed Evidence of various cultures Dating back to 8000 wanchese was used was a seasonal fishing village for 1500 years Before English colonial settlement.

through the years

Another colony witch was much more populous than that of Raleigh' s was developed At the Island During the American civil war. After union forces took over the Island In 1862 slaves migrated there for Relative freedom as they were considered contraband by the military who would not return them to the confederates .