My Hero

Isabelle Miller

My Hero: Lourdes Salazar

*Anytime you see my nanny referred to as 'Miney', it's because I've always called her that.*

About My Hero

My hero is an amazing woman and nanny. Originally she worked in advertising and marketing, but decided it wasn't for her. She then began a job tutoring Spanish speaking kids to help them with their English. One of her students liked her so much that they asked her to become their full time nanny and that's how she started working with kids. She later became our nanny and the rest is history.

Why She's My Hero (Poem Option)

My nanny is my hero because she has the biggest heart of anybody I know. She will do whatever it takes to make the people she cares about happy. When she was my nanny, she would arrive on an extra early train to Wilmette so that she could wait at Starbucks and collect her thoughts before coming over to watch us. A hero to me is someone who puts others first, and my nanny definitely does that.