S.O.A.R Weekly

Freedom Park Newsletter 27 August 2018

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Ned Character Ed Assembly and Yo-Yo Sales

We had an exciting time with our new friend NED. Please ask your K-5th grade student about what they learned. NED was able to visit Freedom Park school for free through a unique pay it forward program. A school in Australia had a yo-yo fundraiser to help earn money for the next school who wanted to meet NED. The lucky school was Freedom Park. We now have the same opportunity to help another school receive this empowering visit. Students may purchase NED’s yo-yos daily from 8:30-9:30 am and then again from 3:50 to 4:15 pm in the afternoon. Remember students, Never give up, Encourage others, and always Do your best!

Parent Volunteers

Calling all volunteers. Volunteers are welcomed and needed at Freedom Park. If you would like to volunteer or chaperone a field trip you must complete the volunteer workshop. The volunteer workshop is scheduled for Monday, August 27th at 4:30-5:30. Please bring a picture id. The contact for all volunteers is Ms. Susan Hughes.

National Bow Tie Day is Tuesday!

Next Tuesday, Aug 28th is National Bow Tie Day. Every Aug 28th thousands of men, women, and household pets don bow ties around the globe to celebrate this day. Tuesday, bow ties will reign supreme at Freedom Park. Wear your favorite bow tie of any style. Use #NationalBowTieDay to share pictures on social media. Post on the Freedom Park PTA page on Facebook.

National South Carolina Day

Friday, August 31st is National South Carolina Day. To celebrate research or take a quick trip to explore all of South Carolina’s beauty, culture, and history. Our very own Ms. Darville is a South Carolina girl. Wear your South Carolina gear Friday As you celebrate South Carolina’s hospitality, stunning landscapes, and dynamic people. Use #NationalSouthCarolinaDay to share on social media.

Arrival Procedures and Tips

Arrival Procedures

Arrival Time:

Please do not drop students off before 8:20 am.

Arrival - Car Line

Arrival - Car line

Please pull as far up to the end as possible. This helps to alleviate congestion and keeps cars off the street.

Arrival - Parking and Walk Ups

Arrival - Parking and Walk Ups

If you are not going to use the car line, you must park in a designated parking spot and walk your students to the front door. Please do not stop behind other cars and let your children run across the street. Please do not enter the bus lane.

Dismissal Procedures and Tips

Doors Locked @ 3:50 pm

The front door is locked at 3:50 pm each day throughout the school year. We will not open the door until after dismissal has begun and students are safely in their designated area for dismissal. We also will not call students for dismissal after this time. We do this for several reasons:

Student Movement

All students are moving around the building to their dismissal locations at this time. We do not want people standing in the hallways, walking the hallways, or grabbing students out of line. This is unsafe for our student due to the high traffic and lack of security. This has been an issue in the past, but we will continue the process because it is what is best for the students in our care.

Classroom Interruptions

Constantly calling rooms for dismissal so that individuals can “beat the lines” interrupts the last minutes of instruction and confuses our students. It is also hard for students to hear all calls due to the movement in the building.

Poor Attendance - Its the Law

Checking student out early results in a tardy even if it is a few minutes before dismissal. Three tardies results in an absents. Please help us to keep a great attendance record.

Hassle Free Dismissal

Hassle Free Dismissal Tips

The following are tips to make your dismissal experience pleasant.

Dismissal by Surname

  • If your last name begins with A-L please arrive at 3:50 for the car line or walk-ups and wait patiently in your car or at the entry to the gym. Students will be released promptly at 4 pm. All students from A-L should be gone before 4:08 and the parking lot will be clearer and have available parking for the next group.
  • If your last name begins with M-Z please arrive at 4:05. The lines will be much shorter and you will have less time to wait in your car or outside.

Again, if you are not using the car line, you must park in a designated parking spot. Do not create one. Do not park in any area with a yellow curb these are the bus loading zones. You must walk to the gym. Do not leave other children or pets in your vehicle.