Venenum Felis

Michael and Catherine

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Venenum Felis lives in the grass and water environment. The heterotrophs in this environment are small morsels. The herbivores in its in the environment are mice and insects. The omnivores in its environments are fish and the carnivores are large cats and small cats.

Size of the Venenum felis

In today's world the cat size is about 9.1-9.8 inches in height

What does it eat?

The Venenum felis eats mouses and other meat that appeals to its stomach.

How will it catch/get food and water?

It would catch food with its long claws and it would drink water from the rainfall from the mountains.

How will it protect itself and it's young from attackers?

It will protect it's young by camouflage and it's long claws will hurt the attacker.

It will protect itself by it's long teeth and he will puff up when it fells threaten and when it bites in it prey or predator it will inject poison in it's prey or predator.

Where will it live at?

It will live in the mountains because their predator would have to climb or fly to get up there.

Food chain

Sun->Grass(primary producer)->Insect(primary consumer)->Mouse(secondary consumer) ----> Venenum felis (tertiary consumer)->Large Cat(quarantine consumer)


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