Education & Training

Highschool teaching

Pay and jobs

A high school teacher makes an average of about 55,000 per year. They have to work five days a week. They have summer vacation and a lot more vacations too. They have opportunitys to advance to something bigger like a principle. They usually work about 8 hours per day.


A teacher has to be interactive with his/her students. They need a teaching linscense and a bachelors degree.

What they do

A teacher teaches a class the cryteria there given. Off of this they have to create lessons to give to the class. They have to be involved and teach the kids a way they'll understand.

Enviorment of teaching

You work in a school. There's not just coliges theres kids there they have to teach. It can be a peaceful environment or a non so peaceful environment . You have higher people that tell u exactly what you have to teach to meet standards.