Industrial Immigration!!!

By: Blake Sammons

Task #1

So what exactly is an Industrial Revolution?

The Definition!

The Industrial Revolution was a time period when manufacturing process's changed to new and more useful process's. During this time period, many of the people decided to build factories and make new inventions. There were also people we hear about everyday who's inventions are still used today. The original inventions would not work like they did back then, but that is why we have people who add things to them or change how they work to make them available for use today.
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Inventions of the Industrial Revolution!

Inventors of the Industrial Revolution!


Agricultural Changes!

Many inventions that were created before the Industrial Revolution were changed during the Industrial Revolution. Just like the cotton gin, it was a small "machine" that required manual work. The Industrial Revolution made it into one big machine that could produce a lot more in a quicker time. It ran on power but you had to manually put cotton in for the machine to be "working" correctly.

Transportation Changes!

Today we see trains, cars, ships and planes. Back then these were just being made. From the Steam Engine, the Steam Boat, the Model-T, and the first plane, these were all ideas and creations of the Industrial Revolution. Over time, these inventions have had problems and they have been bettered to what we have today. These inventions made new ways of all types of terrain travel quicker, easier, and cheaper. It also helped people expand their land by getting to the unexplored faster.

My Summary!

What I Think!

I do really think that some of the investigations we have today are important for us but the way they were created were harsh. We used children to build some of these things and the factories caused a lot of pollution to happen. People were also severely hurt on the job which also downgraded the economy. People were harmed and hated the Revolution because of the harsh times they had to go through, but many people think it was good because we would have never been here without all of these inventions!

Blake Sammons and Citations!

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Task #2

Positive and Negative Sides of the Industrial Revolution!


  • More useful tools were being created.
  • Inventions made everyday events easier and faster.
  • Made many people rich quickly.
  • Women had gained more jobs than they used to have.
  • Many types of machines were being created to build things quicker. They were also used for everyday life.
  • Many countries worldwide had industrialized creating a big Revolution.
  • There was a lot more mass production.
  • Philanthropy was very common.
  • Industrialization diversed the economy a lot more.
  • It brought many more people, called immigrants, over from other continents creating more spots filled in jobs.


  • When factories were built, a lot of pollution began to happen.
  • There were a lot of unfilled jobs.
  • Factory owners treated the workers harshly with long hours and low wages.
  • Industrialization created poor working classes.
  • There were not very many skilled workers.
  • There was a lot of child labor use because families needed as much money as they could get.
  • Injuries of all kinds of workers were very common with the new heavy machinery.
  • The factories that were built had wasted a lot of space for house which other people could have used.
  • Overall, people were treated poorly and they were not paid well through any job.