Flipped Lessons

How I feel about using flipped lessons in the classroom....

Did it really hold the students' attention? Was it a memorable lesson for them?

I feel that the flipped lesson delivered all the information that the students need to know regarding the causes of the Great Depression. However, I do not know how much the lesson itself really kept them on their toes. It was a simple powerpoint that gave them the information that they needed yet it wasn't necessarily interesting, and I am not so sure that it would be a memorable lesson for the students. I had issues figuring out how to show myself in the video while displaying the powerpoint. Getting this issue figured out and finding a new way to deliver the information might make this flipped lesson a bit more interesting!

Why Flipped Lessons Are Awesome!

I will without a doubt be using flipped lessons in my classroom. I love class discussions, interactive activities, and projects. It is impossible to fit these great learning activities in when the students must spend class time taking notes and learning the material. I believe it is important to review and discuss some information in class, however students can get a full lesson, without distractions, in the comfort of their own home. There is also a lot more information that students in a social studies class can learn at home through a flipped lesson. It is important to hold the students accountable and make sure that the videos are being viewed. If used correctly, however, the students can learn more and save time through flipped lessons!

Things to Remember in the Future!

- Students must be held accountable and watching the videos is crucial- this can be through a short quiz, a discussion, a short writing assignment, and more!

-Students don't want to watch a flipped lesson every night. This should be done once or twice a week, and videos should be fairly short.

-It is important to discuss the video that they watch the night before and any questions must be answered. Students must really learn and understand the material!

-Somehow, videos must be made somewhat interesting and hold the students' attention. For example, interesting images or fun effects could be added to the powerpoint. Other tools can also be used to display this information to students.

If Used Correctly...

Flipped lessons can be an incredible and valuable tool for both the teachers and the students!
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