Becker's Buzzy Bees

September 6th, 2015

Curriculum Night

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 5:30pm

Our Classroom

There will be two sessions: 5:45 - 6:35, 6:40 - 7:30. Give yourself time to find parking - curriculum night is for ALL grade levels.

Our Week in Review

This week we introduced and reviewed many different rules and procedures in our school day! We practiced unpacking and packing our bookbags, walking in the hallways, using the BIG bathrooms, entering and leaving the cafeteria, fire drills, sitting on the carpet, working in centers, using the smartboard and many more tasks! We also participated in Readers Workshop, Writers Workshop, Math Centers and Literacy Stations. If they came home and were not exhausted I would be surprised!

Readers Workshop

Students learned that we handle our books with care in our classroom. They practiced how to correctly get books and put books away into the correct our bins. They also learned Readers Workshop is a time when their job is to enjoy looking at and reading books, sometimes to themselves and sometimes with a friend.

Writers Workshop

Students learned Writers Workshop is a special time during our day when we tell stories with pictures and words. Even if we don't know how to write words in our stories we can still tell stories with our pictures. We also learned how to use the special writing paper (where to write our names, draw our pictures and write our words).

Math Talk and Math Stations

Students explored using the smartboard to review different calendar concepts, count the number of days in school using a 100 charts and base ten blocks, as well as reviewed 2D shapes. During math centers students practiced using different math manipulatives correctly. Students also practiced cleaning up quickly and quietly when the "clean-up" song came on.

Donors Choose Project - HALFWAY FUNDED!

We are more than halfway to our goal of funding our mini project! Please pass along the following link to family, friends or companies who might be able to donate to our project. Please remember to use the code SPARK at checkout to automatically DOUBLE your donation!!! Thank you for all the support already!

We had three of these awesome ipad covers below donated to our classroom through Donors Choose last week!

Big image

A Few Reminders

Odds and Ends

I will review the reading homework expectations more at Curriculum Night. For now, please read TO your child for at least 15-20 minutes Monday - Friday. Once students begin bringing home their reader bags they will begin to read to you. (More info at Curriculum Night).

Please continue to send transportation tags for your child to wear for at least this week.

Please pack lunch and a separate snack daily. Snacks can be kept in the front of their bookbags to eliminate confusion at lunchtime.

***Peanut Allergy**** I do ask you try to send peanut/tree nut free snacks for the classroom. If you need a copy of the peanut free snack list please email me!

Do You Know the Book Lady?!

If you haven't discovered the Book Lady off Hwy 74 in Monroe you are missing out! The Book Lady is a used book store that sells gently loved books to readers of all ages. I was able to get 30 new books for our classroom for $1 a piece!!! This is a great way to find books for our kiddos that usually cost $4 at the store that kids will read 2 or 3 times before putting on the shelf until its time to buy another book.

Help the Class without Spending a Dime