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May 20th Weekly Update

First Grade TEACHERS!

We read the book Rockets Learns to Read and reflected on our journey as readers this year in first grade. A shipment of some of Rocket's friends arrived at our classroom door and each of us got to select a "student". Our job is to teach this student everything we have learned about reading and writing as first graders. The "teachers" started by creating a nametag for their students and began literacy instruction with an introduction to the alphabet. It was so interesting to walk through the room and hear them describing the "tricky" sounds that certain letters can make. They moved on to sight words next and then sight word phrases. Soon they were allowed to take their students to a mini-lesson with them and then they introduced them to Read-to-Self time. Next week we will teach our "students" our reading strategies and more! What a wonderful way to end the year with my 25 teacher-learners! :)

***8 More Days of First Grade!***

Our Honorable Choices Sent the Principal to the Roof!

After the entire school worked together to fill our Hawk's Honor Ticket Tower with thousands of tickets (each representing a great choice made by a student and recognized by a teacher or bus driver), Mr. Valentine had to spend the day on the roof! The kids were baffled as to how he got up there and how he would get down... :)

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