Welcome Anglos

Come and Settle in Tejas

The Land Deals

  • You Anglos have cheap land that is worth 12 1/2 cents, no credit
  • Also you are near the Brazos and Trinity River
  • We also have rich soil here in Tejas
  • In order to get the cheap land you have to bring your family with you and you can't come alone here
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Push and Pull Factors

List of the most common reason for coming here:

  • Drought
  • Natural Disasters
  • Debt
  • No Freedom of Speech
  • Loss of Job


  • we do have indians here in Tejas
  • Also we have good protection to prevent any problems with them
  • Also just in case they decide to attack we will be ready to protect the area


  • You have to have a family with you while coming here in Tejas it doesn't matter like:
  • You had to come here it wasn't by choice by your family
  • Or you just wanted to see how it was like here in Tejas
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Works When Here In Tejas

  • The works that you can do when you are here are:
  • Farming
  • Cotton Mill
  • Ranching
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Settling Here In Tejas

  • We have the Brazos and trinity river near us
  • While you're here don't worry about anything that caused you to come here
  • So come and settle here in Tejas and enjoy your cheap land
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