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How did the USA get in the war

What began the war the war began the war began by the precedent of vietnam when the war began in the year of 1956- 1979 that's when the war stop the. USA got in the war by the. The communist and how bad it was over there and that is. How the USA got into the war.

The air war

The air war was the beginning of the war they were all up in planes dropping boums on the ground and in the water to make sure that there was not no one in the lakes or the land the boums that they made a day was 1000 a day. How high they hade to go up us about to drop a dum was 15000 feet. And the air war was around 2 years.

What stopped the Vietnam War?

The war stopped in the year of 1975. The war ended the vietnam war did not ended the USA troops were withdrawn from the battle. When Saigon fell in tocomanie
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