The Scarlet Ibis

By: Cameron, Bishop, Tanner, Isaac, and Nick


The definition of tone is the writers attitude toward his our her audience and subject. In the story "The Scarlet Ibis: by James Hurst, he uses tone to add to the story by making you feel a certain way. "It was in the clove of Seasons, summer was dead but, autumn had not yet been born, that the ibis lit in the bleeding tree" (Hurst, 1). In the Scarlet Ibis, the negative diction makes it a negative tone by making you feel sad, and depressed.


The definition of symbolism is anything that stands for something else. In the story "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst, he uses symbolism to add to the story. " I began to weep, and the tear-blurred vision in red before me looked very familiar" (Hurst 12). Brother is describing how much Doodle looks similar to the Scarlet Ibis because of their red color and their disfigured bodies.


The definition of imagery is a word or phrase that speaks to one or more of the five senses. In the story " The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst, he uses imagery to add to the feeling of the story. "It was in the clove of seasons, summer was dead but autumn had not yet been born, that the Ibis lit in the bleeding tree" (Hurst 1). That shows imagery because it is because it is describing what the scene looks like and showing you with words.

How and why Doodle Died

Doodle died due to exhaustion. He worked to hard, and then couldn't find his way home, and then died. He had buried the Scarlet Ibis, and then he ran to the swamp with brother and then was forced to paddle all the way upstream. When they got to land, his brothe left him there, and he couldn't get home, and he died.

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