Katy Fit Flyer

By: Diana Celis

Digestive System

The Digestive System is about all the food and nutrients u break down so your cells can use it...one of the things that can damage this system is that...u can get the stomach flu,appendicitis,and salmonella. The things u can do to help your digestive system is to eat healthy,exercise,and to NOT EAT LOTS OF CARBS!!!!!! So remember, if u wanna keep your body fit, u have to eat right and exercise right. Now here's some of the IMPORTANT parts of the Digestive System...The mouth,stomach,small intestine,and the Large intestine....also some of these parts transfer the food down to your stomach...which is the moth and esophagus..plus the squeezing..of the esophagus to carry the food down is called...Peristalsis...but the part you have to take care the most of is...your LIVER...because the liver is the organ the cleans all the waste out..but if u damage that organ, you in trouble ...one last organ to take care of is.. your KIDNEYS...with out your kidneys u wouldn't be able to tinkle..(lol)...anyway..they carry the urine to a little sack wich fills up with the urine..until u have to go go go!....Thats all about the digestive system u need to know..so remember for the third time...EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE RIGHT!!!!
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