Recommended Books

{for kids and parents}

Children's Books

I often read books to and with kids at school - in my classroom guidance lessons, small groups and one-on-one. So many books can be connected to real-life situations, and others are written specifically to address developmental & social topics. I'm including some of my favorites here. I'm organizing the books by topic, although many books fit with more than one topic.

All of the books listed here are available on Amazon, and some are also available at the public library and/or Barnes & Noble. If you want to read some of the books in my office before purchasing them, please let me know.

Career Exploration

"Clothesline Clues to Jobs People Do" by Kathryn Heling & Deborah Hembrook

"I Can Be Anything!" by Jerry Spinelli

"Iggy Peck, Architect" by Andrea Beaty

"Rosie Revere, Engineer" by Andrea Beaty

Citizenship / Character Education / Bucket-Filling / Social Skills / Self-Esteem

"!" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

"A Bad Case of Stripes" by David Shannon

"A Bad Case of Tattle Tongue" by Julia Cook (website)

"Bucket Filling from A to Z" by Carol McCloud & Caryn Butzke (website)

"Don't be Afraid to Drop!" by Julia Cook (website)

"Dream Big Little Pig!" by Kristi Yamaguchi

"Francis and Eddie: The True Story of America's Underdogs" by Brad Herzog

"Gifts From the Enemy" by Craig Orback & Trudy Ludwig (website)

"Have You Filled a Bucket Today?" by Carol McCloud (website)

"How Full Is Your Bucket? for Kids" by Tom Rath & Mary Reckmeyer

"Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Courage" by Howard Binkow (website)

"Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Sportsmanship: Winning Isn't Everything" by Howard Binkow (website)

"Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to his Heart" by Howard Binkow (website)

"I Can't Believe You Said That!" by Julia Cook (website)

"I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem" by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell

"Is There Really a Human Race?" by Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell

"It's Okay to be Different" by Todd Parr

"Leo the Late Bloomer" by Robert Kraus

"Liam Wins the Game, Sometimes: A Story About Losing with Grace" by Jane Whelen Banks

"Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse" by Kevin Henkes

"Lily and the Paper Man" by Rebecca Upjohn

"Martin's Big Words" by Doreen Rappaport

"Me First" by Helen Lester

"My Name is not Isabella" by Jennifer Fosberry

"One" by Kathryn Otoshi

"Peer Pressure Gauge" by Julia Cook (website)

"Perfectly You" by Julia V. Taylor (website)

"Respect and Take Care of Things" by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

"Sorry, I Forgot to Ask!" by Julia Cook (website)

"Stand in my Shoes" by Bob Sornson

"Thanks for the Feedback (I Think...)" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Energy Bus for Kids" by Jon Gordon

"The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein

"The Mixed-Up Chameleon" by Eric Carle

"The Three Questions" by Jon J. Muth

"Try and Stick with It" by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

"Understand and Care" by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

"What Do You Do With an Idea?" by Kobi Yamada

"What If Everybody Did That?" by Ellen Javernick

"You Get What You Get" by Julie Gassman

"Zero" by Kathryn Otoshi


"Dinosaurs Divorce" by Laurie Krasny Brown & Marc Brown

"My Family's Changing" by Pat Thomas

"The D Word" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Great Big Book of Families" by Mary Hoffman

"Two Homes" by Claire Masurel

"We're Having a Tuesday" by DK Simoneau

"Why Are We Getting a Divorce?" by Peter Mayle


"Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" by Judith Viorst

"Bear Feels Scared" by Karma Wilson

"Shy Charles" by Rosemary Wells

"Soda Pop Head" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Great Big Book of Feelings" by Mary Hoffman

"The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn

"The Way I Feel" by Janan Cain

"Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day" by Jamie Lee Curtis

"What Are You So Grumpy About?" by Tom Lichtenheld

"When I'm Feeling Angry" by Trace Moroney

"When I'm Feeling Happy" by Trace Moroney

"When I'm Feeling Sad" by Trace Moroney

"When I'm Feeling Scared" by Trace Moroney

"Zach Gets Frustrated" by William Mulcahy

Friendship / Bullying

"A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles" by the American Girl Library

"Bear's New Friend" by Karma Wilson

"Dare!" by Erin Frankel

"Enemy Pie" by Derek Munson (website)

"Friends: Making and Keeping Them" by the American Girl Library

"Hands Are Not for Hitting" by Elizabeth Verdick

"Making Friends is an Art" by Julia Cook (website)

"My Secret Bully" by Trudy Ludwig (website)

"Nobody Knew What To Do" by Becky Ray McCain

"Say Something" by Peggy Moss

"Something Else" by Kathryn Cave

"Talk and Work It Out" by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

"The Care and Keeping of Friends" by the American Girl Library

"The Invisible Boy" by Trudy Ludwig (website)

"The Monster Who Lost His Mean" by Tiffany Strelitz Haber

"The Recess Queen" by Alexis O'Neill & Laura Huliska-Beith

"The Sandwich Swap" by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

"Tough" by Erin Frankel

"Two Bobbies" by Kirby Larson & Mary Nethery

"Weird!" by Erin Frankel

"Words Are Not for Hurting" by Elizabeth Verdick

Grief and Loss

"I'll Always Love You" by Hans Wilhelm

"The Invisible String" by Patrice Karst

"The Next Place" by Warren Hanson

"The Tenth Good Thing About Barney" by Judith Viorst

"When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death" by Laurie Krasny Brown & Marc Brown

Learner Skills / Academic / Behavior

"Be the Boss of Your Stress" by Timothy Culbert, M.D.

"Decibella and Her 6-Inch Voice" by Julia Cook (website)

"Get Organized Without Losing It" by Janet S. Fox

"Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen" by Howard Binkow (website)

"I Just Want to Do It My Way!" by Julia Cook (website)

"It's Hard to be a Verb!" by Julia Cook (website)

"It's Okay to Make Mistakes" by Todd Parr

"Miss Nelson is Missing!" by James Marshall

"Mistakes That Worked" by Charlotte Jones

"No, David!" by David Shannon

"Personal Space Camp" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Anti-Test Anxiety Society" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Very Inappropriate Word" by Jim Tobin

"The Worst Day of My Life Ever!" by Julia Cook (website)

"Too Perfect" by Trudy Ludwig (website)

"Your Fantastic Elastic Brain" by JoAnn Deak, Ph.D.

Personal Safety

"Be Careful and Stay Safe" by Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.

"Dinosaurs Alive and Well" by Laurie Krasny Brown & Marc Brown

"Scoop" by Julia Cook (website)

"The Bubble Wrap Queen" by Julia Cook (website)

Books for Parents

"Masterminds & Wingmen: Helping Our Boys Cope with Schoolyard Power, Locker-Room Tests, Girlfriends, and the New Rules of Boy World" by Rosalind Wiseman (website)

"Parenting with Love & Logic" by Foster Cline, M.D. & Jim Fay (website)

"Positive Parenting From A to Z" by Karen Renshaw Joslin

"Queen Bees & Wannabes: Helping Your Daughter Survive Cliques, Gossip, Boyfriends & Other Realities of Adolescence" by Rosalind Wiseman (website)

"The 7 Habits of Happy Kids" by Sean Covey

Additional Resources