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Jovanni Garcia

Learning styles...

I'm the type of person that likes to learn things one on one with a person that can actually help me and that tells me what to do.

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Ethnic/Cultural background...

I was born here in the United States, both my parents were born in Mexico. They moved here to the United States after that my four older sisters were born I'm the only guy and I'm also the youngest in the family.

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One of the biggest fear I have is losing someone that was really important or close to me.

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Something I'm good at...

Something I'm really good at is playing soccer. I've been playing soccer for more than 3 years now, and I'm also currently playing on the freshman soccer team here at EK.

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Something you should know about me...

Something you should know about me is, i may sometimes get off task in class, I may be very talkative at sometimes but other than that I'm a very calm and chill person.

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Favorite brand is...

My favorite brand may be probably vans because i just like the way they look and fit.
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