blogs and websites for educators (my gift to you)

Resources that are worth your time

Here are a few websites/blogs/lists that I use and follow and wanted to share. You can also connect on Twitter. You might not have time to check them all out now, but I hope you can find something useful.
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As described on the site, "This blog, created and maintained by Jamie Forshey, geeky girl, instructional technology specialist and teacher at the Bellwood-Antis School District in Central PA, is dedicated to innovative teaching and learnign through the use of technology and digital media that engages students in learning while providing them with a 21st century educational experience."

You can subscribe to her blog for almost-daily posts. Tuesdays are "Tech It Up Tuesday", Fridays are "Edu-fun Friday" with comics, and Sundays are reserved for weekly Diigo bookmark updates. Jamie shares great tips and a variety of tools.

Don't want to subscribe? Visit her site for lots of great info and a plethora of archived posts.

Twitter: @edutech20

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"Welcome to Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell! The award-winning Shake Up Learning website and blog provides educators with digital learning resources, tips and tricks, and classroom technology integration ideas. Here you will find great resources for Google apps, including guides and cheat sheets, mobile learning and apps, iPad tips, and social media tips for educators."

This is another blog to which you can subscribe or visit on an as-desired basis. Topics range from Google to coding to social media to blended learning. Lots of great Google info here, and if you can always search within the site for specifics (like Google Classroom).

Twitter: @shakeuplearning

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This is the eighth year that the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) has published a list of its top 25 websites. Don't let "librarian" scare you off! This list contains sites related to media sharing, digital storytelling, management & organization, social networking & communication, content resources, and curriculum collaboration (subject specific) for any educator.

The lists are annotated and hyperlinked. Lists from previous years are also updated, so if a site that was listed in 2013 has a new name or has been closed, it is noted. In addition, each description states the grade levels for which the site is appropriate.

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The website isn't flashy (and watch out for the goofy smile on the home page) but it makes up for the lack of style with a lot of substance, and the site creator/owner Jerry Blumengarten constantly manages it with new and updated content and links. Info on PBLs, tech integration, organizing, or Hour of Code? He's got pages for that. Subject-specific info for just about anything? Yup, it's there.

Really, this site offers a lot of resources. Most content should be easy enough to find on the surface, but there's even more if you dig/play around. And once again, you can search only within the site for specific info. (Note that the search will take you to a Google page, but if the box is checked to search only within the website, the results will be confined to the site.)

For subject-related content, this is the site.

Twitter: @cybraryman1

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What is a librarian's list of favorite resources without at least one book-related option?

This is for all you book nerds. You know who you are. I'm one, too.

"Book Riot is dedicated to the idea that writing about books and reading should be just as diverse as books and readers are. So sometimes we are serious and sometimes silly. Some of our writers are pros. Many of them aren’t. We like a good list just as much as we like a good review. We think you can like both J.K. Rowling and J.M. Coetzee and that there are smart, funny, and informative things to say about both and that you shouldn’t have to choose."

You can follow Book Riot on a variety of platforms and subscribe to their newsletter. It can be geeky. It can be intellectual. Either way, it's fun. Harry Potter Christmas, anyone?

Happy holidays from your friendly neighborhood librarian!

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