Local fitness news update from Fort Providence Boot Camp

President Obama awards residents of Tolton Manor

On October 6th active adults who were enrolled in the Fort Providence Senior Fitness program at Tolton Manor will receive a certificate of completion and commendation from President Barack Obama. These residents were active in the President's Active Lifestyle Awards Program, implemented by Fort Providence Fitness, a Chicago based exercise physiology concern. Fort Providence had joined with various local organizations all whose agenda focus on fighting disparities in healthcare within communities of color. They've been committed to bringing a myriad of health fairs and seminars to the Chicago Housing Authority, Catholic Charities and other senior communities. Some seminars have included programming in dealing with the complications of diabetic neuropathy followed by falls prevention. The program ultimately segues into strength, balance and flexibility training for its participants. For more information on bringing this and other programs to your center please call Lauren Chaplin Providence, owner of Fort Providence Fitness at 773 766 3300

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