School Wide Instructional Rounds

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What are instructional rounds?

School wide rounds (or instructional rounds) is a tool used for professional development in the school setting. The process of instructional rounds consists of teachers/administrators visiting various classrooms throughout the building in an effort to observe and record fine grained evidence. The purpose of instructional rounds is not to provide feedback for the teacher(s) being observed, but rather for those observing to improve their instructional practices based on what they see during their visits to other classrooms.

Instructional Round Goals

  1. Build skills of network members by coming to a common understanding of effective practice and how to support it.
  2. Support instructional improvement at the host site by sharing what the network learns and by building skills at the local level.

Classroom Observations

  • Descriptions are Evidence Based
  • The Most Helpful Evidence is Fine Grained
  • Evidence Focuses on What is Present (Not What is Missing or Personal Opinions)
An Example Of Instructional Rounds