This Is How We Lakeview

August 2021 Edition - Volume 4

Lakeview Values = Respect Yourself, Others, School, and Learning

This is a phrase that the students hear every morning when I do the announcements. Included are reminders to be to class on time, keep cell phones away, and represent the school in a manner that upholds our Lakeview values.

We know that for most of our student athletes, this is the first time that they have been on a school sports team. With that being said, we have had to have some conversations recently about what their jersey represents. Our athletes know that when they put on their jersey, they are now representing not only themselves but their coaches, teammates, families and the Lakeview staff as well. We encourage them to be positive role models in the building and the community.

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Reminders from the clinic regarding COVID-19

    1. If anyone in the household is being tested for COVID-19, do not send your student to school until you have test results!
    2. If your child is absent from school for reasons due to Covid-19, please be sure to call the School Nurse as soon as possible (614-830-2203). This is very important when recording absences and tracking Covid-19 cases in the school building.
    3. Please remember to screen your student daily for signs/symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, fever over 100, sudden onset of severe headache, sore throat). If your student has any of these symptoms, please do not send them to school/extra curricular activities.
    4. If your student is a close contact and has been vaccinated, they may continue to attend school and extracurricular activities if they are asymptomatic. They will be required to wear a mask for two weeks after exposure.
    5. We received clarification from the health department regarding modified quarantine. If your student is correctly and consistently wearing their mask in the classroom setting, they may be eligible for modified quarantine and continue to participate in school/extracurricular activities.

    Diagnostic testing

    This past week students completed their iReady Diagnostic for Math. Starting Monday August 30th students will take their Reading diagnostic. These diagnostics are used to determine educational groupings in classes and identify any areas where a student may have gaps in their learning. We will use that to help tailor our lessons to help fill gaps and expand upon the material.

    If your student is absent during the diagnostic, we will have them take it upon their return during the make up testing time.

    Why are we taking the iReady Diagnostic test?

    The purpose of the Diagnostic is not to give your student a score or grade, but instead to determine how best to support your student’s learning. iReady is an adaptive assessment that adjusts each question based on your child’s answer to the previous question. Some questions will be difficult, some easy, while others will be just right. The questioning is designed for teachers to find out what your child knows right now and what skills they will need.

    Note: i-Ready will not be used for gifted identification purposes.

    The Community Corner

    Recent Updates

    • This week, especially, we had several instances of students using hateful language toward other students. While we have dealt with these incidents, we will continue to reinforce positive interactions with our students, and we are working with our district’s Diversity and Equity department to plan future work within the building. Hateful language, even with a “joking” intent, has no place in our schools.

    • For Lakeview’s PBIS this year, we plan to split into two sub-groups: one group that focuses on bigger picture work related to the social justice MTSS that we started last year, and one group that continues to focus on academic/behavior data of our students. More information about both groups will come out in future newsletters, as our first meetings are scheduled for mid-September.

    • Has your student done something awesome or noteworthy? Do you want to celebrate them and their accomplishments? In future Community Corners, we hope to highlight more of our students through the Student Spotlight feature. We have updated the Family Feedback Form to include an area where you can share the details that you want to highlight about your student. Check it out!


    PLSD has a critical need for substitute paraprofessionals, health care assistants, duty aides, custodians, and food service employees! Do you love working with kids? Do you need a job that will work around your schedule? If so, please apply online at

    See school counselors for resources for families

    Please see the attached flyer if you are interested in participating in the HOPE food program. The first delivery will be September 10th.

    With the help of community donations, we are also able to help connect students who are in need of additional school supplies. Please let your school counselor know if this would be helpful for your family.

    Email your school counselor (7th grade: or 8th grade: to participate in HOPE Food Packs or if school supplies are needed.

    The Lakeview Family Feedback Form

    This form will be linked in each Community Corner update, allowing families to offer feedback to the counseling and administrative team regarding social justice, mental health, academic support, friendships/relationships, etc. Counselors and administrators will review the feedback on a weekly basis and send out any updates to concerns/questions in the next Community Corner update.

    2021-2022 School Year Calendar

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