Pride and Prejudice

poem number 2


WHY…WHY…WHY… why must we judge those that are different???? I see everyone as the same skin… same texture… same being… I don't understand it!! I never understand how it mattered.. GOD has no judgement and i also refuse to do it… YES i love everyone. HARD to do?? NOOOOO. SO easy. Love brown, green. white, yellow. I believe the world is better while we are all different. People loose out when they judge… Yes they mess up.. Assuming is the worst thing to do.. When you assume or prejudge you mess up.. GOD created everyone equal. Yes we different but we bleed the same and we breathe the same air. So love the skin you in. Yes the skin you in.. Yes the skin you in… LOVE IT… LOVE IT i say cause no matter what anyone says to me I will never judge or mis judge cause the GOD i serve would never do it and neither would I… I want everyone to be the best they can be.. Judging is wrong!!! so take a stand and believe what you believe….. GOD GOT You