How Helen Keller changed deaf ed

by Nathan Cooper

Important life events that lead her to changing deaf and blind education.

  • On July 28 Helen Keller had published The Story of my Life.
  • Helen graduated from Radcliff college.
  • On May 5, 1913 Helen made a collection of papers she published called Out of the Dark.
  • In 1882 Helen had contracted Scarlet fever leaving her blind and deaf when she was 18 months old.
  • On March 26, 1890 Helen learns how to speak freely.

What was her childhood like and how it effected her

  • Helen's childhood was rough and it took her a while to learn sign language.
  • On May 26, 1888 Helen was joyous to be at the Perkins institute for the blind with other children.
  • she was taught by her teacher Anne Sulivan at a house in the countryside.

Her accomplishments for deaf/blind education.

  • She talked to congress to improve the welfare of the blind.
  • In 1915 Helen co-founded Helen Keller International to combat consequences of blindness.
  • Helen had helped make the brail press in 1924.
  • Helen became the counselor of the American Foundation of Overseas Blind in 1946.

Awards she got fore what she did

  • She got a Distinguished service medal for how much service she did for the blind.
  • She got the presidential medal of Freedom, its the highest medal a civilian can get.
  • Election to the woman's hall of fame, she was famous for all that she did for the blind and deaf.
  • She got a honorary doctoral degree from many colleges in the USA.
  • An entire room in the AFB is for all of her papers and memorbilia.

when and where was she born/died

  • Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
  • On June 1,1968 Helen died in Westport, Connecticut when she was 87.
  • She had died in her sleep

Other interesting facts about Helen Keller

  • Helen wrote and published The World I Live in 1908 Out of the Dark 1913 My Religion 1927, and Teacher 1955.
  • A series of strokes in 1927, and old age had keep her home.
  • When Helen was 15 she had a 40,000 mile trek across Asia.
  • Helen tackled other political issues such as women suffrage, pacifism, and birth control.
  • Helen had made friend with Mark Twain when she was in college.
Helen Keller "the world i see excerpt."

A short video on Helen's "the world i see."