by: Lauren Fallis

Yes, parents should be able to opt out

I personally believe that people should get vaccinations, but it is ultimately their decision. Parents should be able to opt out maybe because of religious reasons, or medical problems, but either way it isn't any other persons decision but their own. This topic shouldn't even be up for debate because scientists aren't up their to judge because it isn't their choice. Scientists also think that the unvaccinated population of humans will spread diseases and that I understand. This is a problem that will have to be sorted out, but not forced on people.

You should be able to opt out because...

  • after vaccines some children suffer chronic ear infections
  • before vaccines some children start out normal and happy, but after are violent and antisocial with signs of autism
  • some parents are also uncomfortable giving their child 4-5 shots every doctors appointments
  • there are about 29 shots by the age of 6
  • some parents want a natural lifestyle free of shots
  • too many shots in one doctors visit is stressful to the body

Why are some parents against vaccines?

  • when an infant gets multiple shots it may be an overflow to the immune system
  • parents also think that vaccines are risky
  • some vaccines can hurt your body with certain conditions
  • religious reasons should get you out of vaccines because it is what you believe in
  • many doctors do not want to lose patients so they let them go without vaccines
  • it takes a long time to convince people to take the shots because they don't want to 'hurt' their child

Why shouldn't you be able to opt out?

  • it is proven to not be linked to autism
  • many sources debunk diseases to vaccines
  • if a vaccine can get rid of a deadly disease, then why not take it?
  • you have to be vaccinated to go to some schools (in Mississippi)
  • after vaccines there was a 98% reduction of polio
  • in 2014 there were just 55 cases of measles compared to 3-4 million before the vaccine


Currently unvaccinated people are catching the disease measles that was almost completely gone because of just one single infected person who touched an elevator button. From this, every unvaccinated person around the area caught it, and it spread like wildfire. Now you may think why not vaccinate? Some people have medical, or religious reasons, or just simply choose no to. Many doctors are considering making vaccines a must. Should parents be able to opt out, or have no say at all?