Friday Wrap Up

Friday, 11/20/15

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Homeroom and Content Reminders

A few things to take care of today:
  • Please set aside some time to go through and check all of your HR students and ensure they have the correct time zone selected. Handout is attached. We need to make sure this is completed so that CC schedules are correct for each student.

  • We are migrating SharePoint over to the 365 version. The migration is scheduled to proceed on November 27th. We hope that the migrate will complete by Monday and be available for staff; however, please be prepared for the possibility that it may not be immediately ready. The migrate is quite the process as our SharePoint site is extensive.

    Please remember to complete the following before Thanksgiving Break:

    1) Export any items you may need access to on Monday the 30th, in case we do not have access (any items that you may need to access that you would have no other way to view)

    Attached are instructions for setting up Explorer View, which allows you to download multiple files at once. Please let me know if you need assistance!

  • Please check to make sure you have signed all COHORT 2 TSP'S TODAY!!
  • Please ensure your Gradebooks are backed up
  • Ensure all past due assignments are zeroed out in the gradebook. This will allow all students to know where they stand in the class, as well as allow our FSLs to complete Back on Track Packets correctly.

Upcoming DDI Conferences

Please note the following schedule changes in upcoming DDI conferences:

  • Due to the Thanksgiving break next Wednesday through Friday, ALL conferences next week will be pushed back to the following week.
  • December's DDI conferences will take place via email, so please keep an eye on your email and be sure to respond promptly.

Module 5 Training

Please continue completing module 5 training tasks. If you need to re-download these modules, the training guide is attached and is due to your HLT on 12/18/2015.
  • New teachers please download : SY 15-16 New Teacher Training- Module 5
  • Returning teachers please download: SY 15-16 Returning Teacher Training - Module 5
  • Upon completion, please update the HAT:
  • Please Scan and email your completed guide to your HLT by COB on 12/18/2015

CC Slide Disclaimer

Due to California State Law, all teachers will now be required to include the following disclaimer at the beginning of every CC session- Effective Immediately!

An example PPT slide is attached for your convenience.


Class Connect sessions will be recorded and distributed for learning purposes. Learning purposes include: a lesson review for students who are absent, students who want to review for a test, teacher growth and improvement etc

ISMAs and ISMA Addendums

  • Remember to push hard on ISMAs now - Check the HAT constantly; if you have any C2 kids whose schedules are not complete, check frequently and push them out as soon as possible.
  • Please also be aware of needed ISMA addendums (check the HAT) and generate them as needed.
When creating the ISMA addendum select MA Addendum from the Drop Box. Select full year for the addendum.
  • On the next page, you will see the following 4 options:

    Please make sure all parties sign the addendum when choosing:

    Box 1 : Course additions

    Box 4 : Grade Level Change

    Only Teacher Signatures are needed when choosing

    Box 2: this is when there is a change in the HRT

    GE teachers do not use the 3rd box and does not apply to addendums.

  • Please ensure you are correctly creating the ISMA addendums.

Friday Attendance Incentives!

Everyone LOVES Incentives!
Due to our Friday Attendance reports, we are encouraging all teachers to establish a Friday Attendance Incentive for their students. We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in regard to increasing attendance on Friday. Please come prepared to share your thoughts and ideas at our department meeting!

Some ideas include the following:
  • Extra Credit Friday
  • Quiz Friday
  • Recognize Students (shout outs in CC sessions) with most improved attendance or attendance goals met.
  • Students with at least 80% attendance by the end of the month will receive a small gift.

Ideas from the Team:


"I am going to post a News Item on my class page asking questions about the slides they are supposed to read for that day. So they will have to go into the Content area and read the slides to answer the questions. Then they have to upload their answers into dropbox to get the extra credit. And I will take that News Item down, because the extra credit is only available on Fridays."


Steve is reaching out to LC's to help improve Friday tutoring attendance. Here is a quick email template he is using:

"Hello Learning Coaches!

If you are getting this, chances are that your student may have a few questions about our PE class. Please have them check in with me during our tutoring session tomorrow (Friday) in Class Connect. I have added it to their daily schedule for tomorrow. Thank you!"

Student Request for Extra Support- Intervention Link

Students may request intervention themselves by filling out the following form:

  • Please make sure you are sharing this link with your students.

Due Dates and Reminders

Nov. 23rd: Q2-C2 Welcome Notes Due

Nov. 25th-27th: Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 30th: Email Employee Attendance Card

Nov. 30th: Back up Gradebooks to SharePoint.

Dec. 1st: LP-3 Ends

Dec. 2nd-18th: Q2 ILP Update Window

Dec 21st-Jan 1st: Winter Break

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