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Hey friends,

Welcome to the first edition of The Journey Seeker; a monthly newsletter in addition my twitter account @giveandtravel. A quick intro for those just joining us; my name is Myra Bredin and I am a marketing college student passionate about all things travel and volunteering. It's what I love and what I hope to incorporate into my future career. This newsletter will give an overview of anything I believe is interesting from the past month and what I think us like minded traveling and volunteering folks will like!

Travel & Volunteer Experience of the Month

At the end of February I volunteered for an event called Frosty Fest in a town close to where I live. It is a winter carnival that runs every Family Day Weekend. There is ice skating, midway rides, trolley rides, bouncy castles, Nutella tent...everything! I was assigned to be the line attendant for the trolley rides. I was stationed outside and guests would purchase their tickets from me and I assisted in any questions regarding the ride or the event as a whole. I also got to sit on the trolley for some of the rides and interact with guests as they rode around the downtown streets. But it was sooooo cold; -33 celsius. Despite the weather I kept a positive attitude and loved spending the day helping at the event. I met lot's of amazing new people and had a great experience.

"Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more."

Favourite Song/Artist

ODESZA- How Did I Get Here (Extended Version)

Accounts to check out!

I am always looking for inspiration, motivation and new information and these twitter and blog accounts do the trick!

Volunteer Abroad Program of the Month

As like most of us, when first starting out a journey of travel and volunteering, there is so much to learn. I am no expert, but have a love of sharing what I have learned along the way to others around me.

This month I am featuring a volunteer abroad program provided from African Impact. You will be assisting in classroom work, help in orphan care, play games, sing songs, and put a smile on children's faces! Click the link below for more information:

Travel Brand of the Month

Wish You Were Northwest

I love finding companies dedicated to the adventurous, giving back, wanderlust heart. This month it is WISH YOU WERE NORTHWEST. I have been following them on Instagram for some time and are in love with the style of apparel. @wishyouwerenorthwest

Events to look forward to in April 2016

  • National Volunteering Week April 10-April 16
  • Jasper Canadian Rockies Half Marathon April 16 in Alberta, CA
  • European Start Up and Innovation Awards April 19-April 20 in London, EN
  • Cherry Blossom Festival April 9-10 in San Francisco, CA
  • Worlds biggest water fight to celebrate Songkran Lunar New Year April 13-15 in Bangkok, TH

Question of the Month

"What has been your favourite souvenir you've gotten from your travels?"

Tweet me @giveandtravel to share your answer, I'd love to know! I will feature some of the responses in the April newsletter.

My Answer: A mug from London England that has the tube system on it and says "mind the gap."

Get in Touch

I love to build relationships and meet new people! Any questions, comments, travel stories, volunteer opportunities...anything, let me know! Send me a message via twitter and I will 100% get back to you. I am in the works of making a website so stay tuned and follow me on twitter for the reveal in a few weeks! Check out my Instagram to get to know me better personally! @myraabredin

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