Who is Sir Isaac Newton

By: Nicholas Huchet and Liam Bogue

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1. He was born on Christmas Day in 1642, and died on March 31st 1727

2. He was a fatherless infant, born very small

3. He has a bachelor's degree at Cambridge

4. He had 2 half-sisters and a half-brother


1. He developed the theory of the Property of Light

2. He wrote the Principia, a massive book that was split in three sections describing Newton's 3 laws of motion

3. He wrote 1.3 million words on the study of theological & biblical subject

4. He discovered how gravity works and powerful mathematical methods in solving problems

5. Lastly he made the reflecting telescope

Impacts on Today

1. He changed the way people see the universe with different ways like gravity and laws of motion

2. He formed the basis for modern physics

3. His studies in mathematics is why we have calculus today

Interesting Facts

1. Newton had an obsession with the Bible, that he studied in great depths and wrote more on religious work then mathematics or science

2. He almost became a farmer, he lived in a poor family that farmed and his mother kept urging him to become a farmer then go to school

3. He became a politician for 1 year in 1689 but only spoke 1 word during his time there