Human Rights Violations in N. Korea

Liberty in North Korea!

An Incredible Amount of Violations

The North Korean government has been violating the citizens rights around every corner. There is little to no equality between the people and the government, they don't even have the right to life, liberty, and personal security. Citizens who are imprisoned for any reason the government wished to do so, are often tortured in prison, which violates Article 5. as well as 7 because citizens can imprisoned simply for being believed to be in disagreement with the government. And this very likely leading to violations of Articles 9, 10, 11, and even 12. Article 12 says, "freedom from interference with privacy, family, home and correspondence," but if they can be arrested for sharing thoughts about their government, that says a lot about the privacy they are given. And if a single person is imprisoned for being believed to conspire against the government, they do not just punish that person, but his family as well. Article 18 and 19 are also violated, because as previously mentioned, any opinion that may be considered to go against government, will be punished. This also leading to the violation of article 21, which gives people the right to participate in government and in free election, as they can not critique the government what so ever, or else, as previously mentioned, they will be punished. And since North Korea is a dictatorship, there are no elections. But some of the worst violations are article 25 and 26. Article 25 gives the people the right to adequate living standards, but the North Korean don't even receive all the food they need. They had suffered greatly through a famine. And article 26 gives the right to education, but what they learn is more of a fantasy rather than reality and history. Their dictators have changed the information that is taught tons upon tons of times, to make them look like good people who do what is right for them, but in reality, they do the opposite, and make them suffer. North Korea doesn't even have internet access for the citizens themselves.
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The famine which has been caused by the North Korean regime has left many children malnourished, these are only four of the children affected by it.

LiNK-Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea, or simply, "LiNK" is an organization that helps the North Korean people by rescuing them, and getting them out of the danger within the country. With help, donations, and money earned from selling merchandise with the LiNK logos or any design inspired by their efforts, all of which go towards the rescue, they send rescue teams to help escape North Korea safely. In order to assure that the North Korean Refugees are safe, they guide them through a 3,000 mile journey from North Korea, through China, to the country to which the refugees will resettle and live a much, MUCH, happier life.
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The LiNK logo is simple, but straight to the point as to what it is that they are fighting for, what they hope to accomplish, and what their goal is, with the help of many people who acknowledge what the North Korean people are struggling through.

Why Not China?

Some might ask, why not China? Well, in China, the North Korean refugees run the risk of being recognize as a escaped North Korean. In such a case, their next journey will most likely be a journey just as harsh, or even worse as the one they attempted to leave behind in North Korea. If identified and arrested by a Chinese government official, they will be sent back to North Korea, and undergo interrogation, followed by the possibility of further, and worse punishment such as torture, forced labor and abortions, along with being imprisoned and buried in a prison camp. But if they aren't identified by a government official, it highly likely to be someone who would take advantage of them. The North Korean refugees are often exploited in human and/or sex trafficking due to their illegal status in China. Because of this, LiNK safely guides the refugees through a 3,000 thousand mile journey, at the end of which they also help the refugees settle down and begin a new chapter in their life with education and work with the money they have raised. So far, LiNK has saved over 300 North Korean refugees, and soon, there will be more with your help.
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