LV Technology

Sahra Ahmed

Typing Web

  1. There are seven courses in the typing web but for the quarter, we had to finish the Intermediate Course.
  2. The Typing Web is a web that basically helps your keys and typing.
  3. It records your speed, and your lessons that you take.


  1. iTrailer is part of iMoive but different section.
  2. We had to do a trailer of a movie of anything want.
  3. I did a trailer of my life and my family

Career Locker

  1. Our 6th grade counselor had to come in for almost 10 days and show us how to Career Locker works.
  2. Career Locker is a web site which helps you with your future and choosing the right job.
  3. After Career Locker we had to do a presentation on our future job using Career Locker

Haiku Deck

  1. We had to do a presentation on our career job using research Career Locker.
  2. I had a presentation on becoming a Doctor because I love helping sick people.
  3. Haiku Deck is just using main ideas and you have to come up with the details by using a index card or remembering the words.

Explain Everything

  1. You had to choose one math problem from ten problems to solve.
  2. Using the problem you choose, you would have to explain how to solve the problem.
  3. After finished you would have to submit it to School-logy.

Hour Of Code

  1. Hour Of Code is a site which is all about computer programming.
  2. It saves your progress.
  3. You can play games on that site using forward ,left, right and back

Email Etiqutte

  1. It was an assignment we had to finish.
  2. You write the proper way to write an email.
  3. Last but not least you would have to send it to Mrs. Myers.
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Lineville Intermediate School

Welcome to Lineville Intermediate School! Lineville is where all of the fifth and sixth graders from our five elementary schools in the Howard - Suamico School District join together as one. .

Our mission at Lineville is to:work together with families and community to ensure that our students have the knowledge and skills to succeed in a changing world. At Lineville, we focus on the wholestudent, including academic progress, character building, developing social skills and helping students make the transition from elementary to middle school.