4th Grade Super Sailor Newsletter

Week 16: December 14-18, 2015

What are our Super Sailors learning this week?


We will continue working on geometry next week. Students will work on ways to add and subtract angle measures when given 2 or more adjacent angles. They will also begin their My City Project in class in which they will design a geometric city that provides various examples of geometric figures. This assignment will be completed at school.


We will begin the week discovering weather patterns. Students will complete a virtual lab exploring various types of fronts and weather patterns that may pass through a certain area and will complete a reading assignment for homework on weather patterns, which will be due on Wednesday. We will review the unit on Wednesday and students will take their final assessment on the Water Cycle and Weather Patterns on Thursday. We look forward to starting a new science unit after Winter Break!


We continue exploring poetry and the message the author is trying to express.


We will be writing different types of poetry while imitating the work and craft of poets structures.

Poetry Vocabulary

1. Simile- A comparison between to unlike things, usually using “like,” “as,” or “than.”

2. Metaphor- A figure of speech, where a thing is described as being something else in order to suggest a similarity between the two.

3. Onomatopoeia- A word whose sound is similar to the thing or action it refers to, such as “buzz” or “hiss.”

4. Personification- Giving human characteristics to non-human things, such as animals, inanimate objects, or ideas.

5. Haiku- A short, unrhymed Japanese poetic form with three lines of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables.

6. Imagery- Language and poetic techniques used to create mental pictures and cause emotions in the reader.

7. Meter- Rhythmical patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry.

8. Lyrical-having the form and musical quality of a song

9. Free verse-A poetic form that avoids using fixed patterns of meter. Free verse often also avoids rhymes, but still may make use of other poetic techniques such as imagery and metaphor, as well as sound devices such as assonance and alliteration.

10. Rhyme-Having the same sound at the end of two or more words

11. Rhythm-The sound and feel created by the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables, usually repeated

12. Stanza-A group of lines in a poem, separated by space from other stanzas, much like a paragraph in prose.

13. Tone- How the author intentionally makes the reader feel.

14. Theme-The main idea, topic, or subject of a poem.

15. Narrative- a poem that tells a story, in a sequence of events, often making use of the voices of a narrator and characters.

16. Expository- a poem that tells stories through organized lists of images or emotions and do not adhere to a time sequence.

Social Studies

Students are LOVING The Boy in The Alamo. We’re reading together and connecting the events in this historical fiction book and the actual historical events of the Texas road to independence. We’re working through an online interactive document that is allowing students to explore resources and learn more about Texas in the 1830s.
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Austin Parkway Elementary School: Science at the Smithsonian

Travel to Washington, D.C., the heart of American politics and the ideal destination to connect with our nation’s history and culture. You’ll trace the steps of our country’s founders as you witness the modern-day marvels of our nation’s capital.

Tour Enrollment Meeting

Please join me for an informational meeting about the trip and a look at all the incredible opportunities your child will experience.

Learn more about our tour and our educational travel partner, EF Explore America at EFExploreAmerica.com.


Wednesday, December 16th


APE Library



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Winter Party

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 2:15pm

4400 Austin Parkway

Sugar Land, TX

Please see the Friday folder flyer and envelope. The Room Reps would like to ask parents to donate an optional $5 cash towards the Winter Party instead of item donations. Donations will be collected until December 10th. Please send the money in the envelope and give to your child's homeroom teacher. Any extra money will be used towards the Valentine's Day Party!

EARLY DISMISSAL - Friday, December 18, 2015

Please complete the Early Release Lunch form going home in the Friday folder. Dismissal will take place at 12:10. All students will eat lunch in the classrooms. We strongly encourage your child to bring a sack lunch! If this is not an option, the cafe will be selling hamburgers or grilled cheese.


Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Austin Parkway Elementary we strive to provide the best experience possible for our students and their families. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes within our building. One of the processes that we are currently working on is that of early dismissal. The policy regarding early dismissal and checkout can be found in the Austin Parkway Elementary Student-Parent Handbook, on our website. Please see below for the excerpt.

In the case of an unforeseen event that causes a change in the way your child goes home please follow these steps.

  1. Send an email to Ms. Miller before 2:15 p.m., iris.miller@fortbendisd.com
  1. State in the email:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Teacher’s name
    3. Your name and relationship to student
    4. Your phone number for verification purposes
    5. Time of pickup (no dismissals after 2:45 p.m.)
    6. Reason for last minute change