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The PE Newsletter

Hi Goodrich families!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! November was such a short month so if flew by even faster than normal!

In this newsletter you will find information on:

  • Recess Requests!
  • What we have been doing
  • What's Next (Also known as: What's Happening NOW?)
  • Kindergarten Korner
  • The Golden Sneaker Award
  • P.E. All Stars

Recess Request!

We were so lucky today with a 50 degree, sunny day!! But as we know from living in the Chicagoland, this is RARE and it could change to a blizzard at any moment!

We will be taking the students OUTSIDE everyday for recess as long as the wind chill is above zero! If there are days that seem a little to cold, we still try to get them out for at least 10 minutes so they can run around and then we do the rest of recess in the classrooms.

The reason I am including a recess section in my newsletter is to ask for your help this winter!

Please make sure your child has:

  • Coat
  • Hat
  • Gloves/Mittens
  • Boots

I COMPLETELY understand if your family cannot provide those things for your kids, and if that is the case please let us know.

The reason I STRONGLY encourage boots is so the kids have MORE things to do at recess. If they aren't wearing boots, they are confined to our paved area and with all the other snow removal around the school, it does not always get completely cleared off right away.

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions about recess!

1st - 6th! We are all on the same page! kind-of...

As you will read in the next section, we spent a lot of time in November finishing our Fall Fitness Testing. After that we played a variety of cooperative games. I like to use the time around fitness testing to give the kids a mental break and to just be able to have fun moving! We learned several new games, some have already been chosen as "Choice Day" activities! This always makes me feel good that I found another game the kids REALLY like!!

Fitness Testing!

We finished our Fall Fitness Testing in November so we are good to go until the spring when we do it all over again! :)

My ultimate goal for every student is for them to improve on their scores. We do things all year long that can help them in each fitness area, but it is up to the kids to really put effort into it so they can become more fit!

If you have any other questions about our Fitness Testing, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, or go to the FitnessGram webpage. At some point during the 2nd quarter I will be sending home a report that contains the spring scores and this fall's scores. (If your child is in 1st grade, or new to Goodrich they will only have the current scores on their report.)

What's Next (Also known as: What's Happening NOW?)

We are currently in the midst of our Dance and Basketball Units! I alternate weeks with these two units. During one week, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade will be doing basketball activities; while the 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders are dancing. Then we switch! These two units will continue until the middle-end of January.

Kindergarten Korner

We have been doing quite the variety of things in Kindergarten P.E. And as always, everything is based around locomotor patterns, following directions, and understanding personal and general space.

We played a different game every week working on those skills. One game was "Pigskin Tag." In this game there were a few students carrying rubber pigs that were trying to tag the students who were carrying footballs. There were also some students standing in hula hoops who were resting and waiting for a football to be handed off to them. We moved around the gym in a variety of different locomotor patterns. We practiced body control and body awareness so no one would run into each other.

Another game was "Battleship." This game requires the students to roll balls at ships out in the middle of the ocean. At the end of each round we look to see if any ships are all they way across the center line, if so we do some simple addition to see how many points each team has earned!

The students also played "Pac Man Tag" while I was at the State P.E. Convention and just this past week we started working on our basketball dribbling skills!

Over the course of the next 6 weeks (of school) we will be focusing on Basketball and Dance just like the other grade levels!

We are getting much better at our Jumping Jacks! We are also working on Mountain Climbers, Stride Jumps, Push Ups, Curl Ups and Elbow to Opposite Knee.

What day does my child have P.E.?

I included this information again just as a reminder.

Kindergarten - Friday

1st Hall - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

1st Schulte - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

1st Kraft - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

2nd Grade – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

3rd Grade – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

4th Bator – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

4th Kraabel – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

4th Raci – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5th Brennan – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

5th Doranski – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

6th Trabilsy – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

6th Watz – Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

The Golden Sneaker Award

The students gave me a GREAT problem this month! I only have 3 trophies to give out, however, I had 7 classes that wore their gym shoes to P.E. EVERYDAY!!

So... what I decided to do was to rotate the trophies from room to room until Winter Break. I also gave them a sign to hang up in their classroom to help make up for the time they do not have the trophy!

November P.E. All Stars:

  • 1st Grade:

Hope Chang-Hsu, Jackson Mazzara, Charlee Wrubel, Ryan Perry, Pranavi Tolikonda, Dylan Defalco

  • 2nd Grade:

Kate Miller, Saavan Choksi, Emilie Falk, Robin Kuzma

  • 3rd Grade:

Mahashri Deiva Vidyadaran, Scott Creagan, Rachel Nelson, Josh Rowe

  • 4th Grade:

Palwasha Ahmad, Ryan Talley, Aditi Iyengar, Alex Miller, Hailey Fitzgerald, Anthony Panzeca

  • 5th Grade:

Kloe Terhaar, Brantley Bilby, Azuri Moss, Marcus Sorrentino

  • 6th Grade:

Abby Hoffman, Benjamin Brennan, Kashmala Ahmad, Chase Meulner

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