Let's Learn More About Pixies!

What Is A Pixie Exactly??

A Pixie is a supernatural that can and is in children's stories, that can look like a fun-sized human, but with pointed ears and hat and a little bit of a mischievous character.

What's The Difference?

You might be wondering, what's the difference between a Pixie and a Fairy? Pixies are known for being mischievous, fun-sized people, having pointed ears, and Pixies are also called Sprites. As Fairies can be both good and bad, they are human-sized just with wings, and they are known for wearing elegant clothes as a Pixie would be poorly dressed.

What Are Pixies Strengths/Weaknesses?

What Culture Do Pixies Come From?

Pixies come from the European Culture that's how Pixies or Sprites, however you may call it, came to be in beliefs.

Why Is Pixies Considered Mythological?

You are probably wondering, how are little tiny Pixies considered mythological? Well Pixies are said to be the souls of the dead who were not baptized as children, so they could not enter Heaven.