Known as Weed! Addition is easy!

Side Effects

Marijuana causes eyes to get red and your mouth gets dry. Skin gets sensation of heat or cold. The heart gets a faster heart rate. Finally, the muscles get weak an relaxed

Where is Marijuana Found

Marijuana is found in some foods like what ever you want to put it in. Also Weed is found in joints.The most common place you can find weed is doctor places. They precept it to a patients for a pain killer.


A chemical called THC is in Marijuana and when you smoked weed this chemical stays in your body for a month! These chemicals that are in weed are more cancerous then the chemicals in cigarettes. The thing is now Marijuana is more stronger then the 1960s.

Other Drugs

Marijuana is actually the "gate way" drug. The reason why it is the gate way drugs is because marijuana can lead to other drug. The people that do the gate way drug want to do a more stronger drug.

Legalizing Marijuana

Theres only ONE U.S state that legalized Weed. That state is named Washington. This Washington is not the one with D.C. The law is you can only used in small amounts like one joint or less

Where Does Marijuana go When you Smoke it

Marijuana is stored in many places. Marijuana is stored in the fatty tissue surrounding the reproductive organs, the lungs and most importantly the brain.

Other Names for Marijuana

Marijuana is referred to many different names. The two most common are Weed and Dope. But there are many more like blunt, grass, herb, joint, bud, pot, green, tree, smoke, hash, tea, 420, and more


Marijuana is the third most popular drug in America (behind only alcohol and tobacco). That's really high for a drug. Marijuana is also up there because Marijuana is a medicine that we use as a pain killer.
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