The Sergeant of the Law & The Monk

By: Hayden K and Daniel S

The Sergeant of the Law Translation

A ranking lawyer was at the meeting in the Parvise, rich of excellence. He was quiet, but when he spoke he was wise. He wanted justice by royal appointment. His knowledge a renown made him money and wealth. He bought so much more than anyone and everything was easy money. He bought so much that even though he was not a busy man at all, it seemed as if he was the busiest man around. In books he had and judgements that King William handed down, he could draw up a thing and nobody could fault any document he had drawn up and he knows them by heart. He rode simply a normal not flashy coat bound with a silk belt with small stripes. I will tell you no more about how this man dresses.

Description of The Sergeant of the Law

  • He is a lawyer
  • He is quiet and keeps to himself
  • He is very wealthy and loves to buy a lot of things
  • Well known in the community
  • Values money
  • He is in the pilgrimage to keep justice
  • Positive description

Quotes of Sergeant of the Law

"Discreet he was and of great reverence; he seemed such, his words were so wise." (Line 4-5) This shows that the lawyer is quiet, but when he spoke he was a wise man.

"For his science and for his high renown, Of fees and robes had he many a one." (Line 8-9) This shows that his wisdom and knowledge makes him money and shows why he is a wealthy man.

Comparison of Sergeant of the Law

He is like a modern day lawyer who wants justice and is a wealthy person.

Translation of the Monk

A monk there was, a fair for the mastery, an outrider that loved hunting and having sex. A manly man to be an abbot able, when he rode, mean heard his jingling as loud as a chapel bell. The Lordly Monk is the keeper of the chapel. The rule of Saint Maur or Saint Bennett was old and strict, the new monk used modern ways now. He didn't give a plucked hen for that text, that says hunters aren't holy men. The monk, when he is feeling reckless, he is compared to a fish out of water, this is to say, a monk out of his mastery. But the same text he held was not worth an oyster. And Chaucer said his opinion was good. What! Should he study and make himself mad. Poring a book in a monastery? Or work with his hand and work hard, a Saint Augustine? How should the world be served? Let Augustine keep his work. Therefor he was a hunter for sure, Greyhound dogs he had as swift as a bird tracking and hunting for the hare, This was his passion, he wouldn't step at all cost. I saw his sleeves edged at his wrist, with fur, and that the finest of the land, and his hood was fastened around his chin. He had a very elaborate gold pin, A love knot there was at the end.

Description of the Monk

  • He is great hunter
  • Head of the chapel
  • Uses Modern techniques when ruling
  • Loves having sex
  • Passion for hunting

Quotes of the Monk

"He gave not of that text a pulled hen, That says that hunters be not holy men." (Line 177-178) This shows that he doesn't care about the old ways, he considers hunters to be holy men.

" Of pricking and of hunting for the hare, Was all his lust, for no cost would he spare." (Line 191-192) This shows he wouldn't give up hunting for anything.

Comparison of The Monk

He is like the president/ruler of a country.