Elder Scrolls VI



This game is from the same world of the famous games Skyrim and Oblivion. Although its on a different continent, it holds the same concepts and ideas as its predecessors. But instead of starting as a prisoner, you start as a banished soldier who betrayed your kingdom to the others and are about to be dishonorably "discharged"(executed) from one of the 4 empires fighting to control the newly discovered continent of Karakul. The empire of the Wood Elves, The empire of the Orcs, The empire of the Native Swedes, and The empire of the Dark beings. You choose your fate.
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Character Background

You are a top general in one of the 4 kingdoms fighting to rule the newly discovered continent of Karakul. After being framed by one of your soldiers, you are sent across the world to your capitol city to be executed for your "treachery." But, one of your old teammates who knows you were framed saves you at the last second by raiding the caravan you were traveling in. From this point on, you are no longer a soldier, you are a wild man, trying to survive, but also, to keep away from the war and the people who betrayed you.